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Obsession (not the perfume)

Both the Pinglet and Mini-Ping are currently obsessing about different things. The Pinglet has switched her alliance with PreCure (thank God!) to Barbie, which is much more palatable...for me, at least. I have all the issues that today's mom is supposed to have about the message we send our girls about Barbie, but I actually LOVE Barbies, so there you go.

Mini-Ping's obsession is dinosaurs! We just came back from New York where his fascination hit incredible levels, and he is now walking around town, sporting a bag of six dinosaurs and two dinosaur books. Any DVDs or YouTube videos must also be dinosaur-themed. He will stomp around the house, roaring and telling me that he is a "big dinosaur" (probably T-rex or other similar scary reptile) and when I pretend to be afraid, he turns back into a "baby dinosaur" and lets me cuddle him.

World Travelers

We've just returned from our annual (or in recent years, semi-annual) trip to New York to see my family there. As usual, the trip was a wonderful experience for the kids (and myself, of course!), but the trip back and forth was headache-inducing. I wasn't happy with the trip from Japan to the U.S., mainly due to being selected for "additional/secondary screening" at the gate before we boarded the plane from Tokyo to JFK. We had already been traveling for 6 hours by that point and had been up since 4AM, and this additional "honor" resulted in a mommy tantrum. It was not one of my prouder moments.

Do your kids constantly ask you how much time is left before you arrive somewhere? That seems to be the topic of the day for 6-year-old Pinglet. I generally don't mind being asked, but on a 14-hour flight, it's a loaded question. Not one of my finer moments, I responded to the Pinglet when she asked The Question for the gazillionth time, "How much time is left? How much time?? One thousand hours. A thousand!!!!! Because that's what it feels like!" I think I should have thought about medicating myself for the trip.

Despite That Question, I have to say that the Pinglet is an amazing traveler. If I give her a bag of crafts, crayons, and paper, she will basically take care of herself for the entire trip, and I won't see or hear from her until she inevitably falls asleep 30 minutes before we land (because of course, she won't sleep the entire trip.) She is so curious about everything, and is a joy to travel with. Of course, this is because I've completely blocked her early years out of my mind.

I am reminded of those years now though, when the Mini-Ping is traveling with us. He is going on 3, and has an attention span of about 30 seconds. I brought a bag with five different toys/activities, which meant that he played with them for all of two-and-a-half minutes. Out of 24 hours of travel. And didn't watch any movies or sleep. Does that give you an idea of the special kind of hell it is traveling with a young child? If not, you should be grateful that you weren't on the flight with us. Many trips were taken to the bathroom when tantrums could not be avoided. Thankfully, there were kids that were worse than Mini-Ping on all the flights, so we were in the clear.

Once travel-hell was over with, we had a great time visiting with family and friends. The Pinglet went to camp for a week--the same camp she goes to each year--and enjoyed it as always. Mini-Ping may get his chance next year. We spent the rest of the time going to parties, parks, library events, and some local amusement parks. Now, we're back in Japan and already thinking about next year's trip--minus the flights, of course. I'm grateful I don't have to fly with Mini-Ping for another year at least.


I did a similar post a few years back when the Pinglet first started talking, so I thought I should probably do something similar for Mini-Ping before I forget.

Beaks = Grapes
Assmean = Ice cream
Kai-ing = Crying
Bed = Bread or bed
Top it! = Stop it! (This is the same as any other word that starts with "s": "snow" becomes "no," "shower" becomes "hower," "square" becomes "care")
Wook = Look
Tiangle = Triangle
Fower = Flower
Babbus = Bubbles
Mammi, you pitty = Mommy, you're pretty (I taught him that *polishes nails*)

Mini-Ping is a bit slower talking than his big sister, but he really came into his own after being in New York. Now to just keep that momentum going!

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