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Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 7/07/2012
I think that the Pinglet's English is pretty on par with kids her own age in the U.S. Sometimes I can see she has problems speaking in Japanese--like when she talks to Ping using katakana-style English (horrors!), instead of actually "interpreting" what she wants to say into Japanese. I know she doesn't have problems at school with this from hearing her talk with her friends, just sometimes when she switches back and forth. I would LOVE to be in her head for a bit.

Mini-Ping has had a bit of a language explosion over the past few weeks. He has a book that he loves, First 100 Words, that I picked up during a Costco run, which he takes out the minute the Pinglet gets back from school. He'll sit there and point at pictures, demanding that she tell him what it is. At the moment, his favorite words are "elephane" (elephant), "ilovu" (I love you, said as one word) and repeating everyone's names.

Both the Pinglet and Mini-Ping are very into music at the moment. Mini-Ping goes to a music Mommy-and-Me class 3x a month, and grooves around the room to the amusement of the other people in the room with their much better behaved children. The Pinglet has been begging to take ballet classes(?!?) and we've been considering it for next year. To balance out her love of all things classical though, she likes to sing along to "Tic-Toc" by Ke$ha, and occasionally asks me to define certain words, like "tipsy." (eek) I guess I could look at it as her wanting to expand her English vocabulary...right?

4 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Gaijin Wife said...

love the new look :) My kids are so behind other international families in the English department. They understand a lot but they only communicate in Japanese. I really hope our trip home this year changes this. This is the source of a lot of my frustration. They speak Japanese all day they come home and mummy is harping on at them to do shit in English and it just doesn't go in the right channel sometimes. Frustrating all round. Tipsy is a great English word. Soon she'll come out with 'hey mini-ping, mum is tipsy, we should just probably go to bed already'

Perogyo said...

My daughter loves Tic Toc too. Anything to keep their English up! ;)

thefukases said...

super impressed at your bilingual mummy skills! Do you and Ping senior speak in English? My major problem is K doesn't follow English well enough to have it as our home language. Infact English puts him to sleep which is bloody rude I reckon! Oh well, my kids will be keeping the eikaiwa industry going in years to come, hey?

kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping said...

GW, thanks! I hope that your trip home will also help out with the kids' English development. It's great that they understand so much though!

Perogyo, I totally agree! I've had to turn off the explicit version of Nikki Minaj's Starship though!

thefukases, "Ping Senior"...that's funny. :) Ping speaks English quite well, but sometimes he falls into using katakana English with the kids. I've nipped that in the bud though.


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