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Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 1/02/2012
3日坊主 (mikka bouzu), otherwise known as being a "monk for 3 days," is a Japanese proverb that's usually quoted around New Years, when everyone makes all sorts of resolutions, keeps them for 3 days until January 3rd (mikka bouzu, voila!) and then breaks them. As my birthday this month ushers me into another decade (*shudder*), I'm hoping that this year will finally be the year that I get past January 3rd on my"keeping my resolutions" resolution

This year, as in year's past, I've made up a few resolutions that I'd like to see through. You all know the drill: lose weight, exercise more, yell less at the kidlets, etc. I also want to see through some financial promises I made myself a while ago, develop a year-long English homeschooling program for the Pinglet (and subsequently Mini-Ping) and get a move-on with my grant-writing studies.

I've already "broken" one of my resolutions (yell less at the kidlets)--on New Year's day even. Mini-Ping woke up moments after the last gong of the bells at the various shrines around Japan and stayed awake, crying, for almost an hour for no apparent reason. I kept my cool though and thought lovely thoughts of unicorns and sunshine and by-and-by, he went back to sleep after which I congratulated myself on my awesomeness (*polishes nails*)

And then...New Year's day dawned. And with it, a V.E.R.Y. grumpy, cranky, whiny, PITA Pinglet, who literally grumped/cranked/whined from the moment she woke up to the moment she went to bed. And as the day limped along, so did my resolution to yell less at the kidlets. It pretty much was a shout-fest from dawn to dusk, pausing only for a brief nap in the car.

So, one resolution has already bit the dust, but tomorrow is another day. And I still have two more days left on my 3日坊主 schedule...

3 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Lulu said...

I hadn`t logged into my reader for more than 2 weeks and lo and behold not one but TWO posts from you! Yay to see you back blogging!

I made resolutions. Who knows if I will keep them. I have a whole year to work on them I guess {so while losing some weight or at least finding some exercise regime has not yet begun I am hoping to start by the end of this month!}

How are you going with the year long English afterschooling program for pinglet? Would love to see what you come up with as I know I will be heading down that road in just a couple of years.

Happy New Year! Day 3 tomorrow- hopefully you will make it past day 3!

gaijinwife said...

Also very interested to hear about English homeschooling plan. I don't think I would have the patience although the sound of it is great and I know my kid's English ability seriously lacks.

Hope you get a bit further along with the rest of resolutions. Breaking the first one on Jan 1st.... tis impossible resolution to keep anyway.


kuri, ping & the pinglet said... own comment didn't show up! :) I'll let you know about my progress with the homeschooling program my friend is introducing me to. I haven't decided on the exact program just yet, but they are all U.S. centered.

So far, have been OK with the resolutions but it is only the 4th. LOL


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