Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bits and pieces

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 1/15/2011
I have spent the past two days touring Japan's health system. Not for myself, of course, although I could use a visit to the doc for some meds for my sore throat. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for another day.

The two kidlets gave me a run for my money yesterday. The Pinglet arrived home from kindy with a huge bandage on her (kissable) chin and a major swollen lip. She thinks she is bigger than she is and fell off the monkey bars at school, flat on her face. I am no stranger to split lips having had to deal with the Pinglet's clumsy attempts at running before she could walk, and so was not too surprised to see her sporting a couple dozen bandaids on her chin. Upon closer inspection though, her lower lip looked like it had been put through a shredder so off to the pediatrician we went.

Since we were already going to the flu-infested halls of the pediatrician's office and I had to also bring Mini-Ping along, I decided to follow-up on his (lack of) weight gain. As with his sister, Mini-Ping is another Happy Vomiter. He's happy, but Mommy and Daddy are not since he is "failing to thrive" as Dr. Google puts it, by not gaining enough weight and/or losing weight over a particular period.

I sometimes use a trip to the doctor's office, which this time was miraculously not filled with hacking and sputtering tiny people, as the day's "playdate" when the Pinglet's friends aren't around. I usually run into people from the neighborhood who tend to have kids with the same colds/poxes/rashes/ebola viruses so there's no worry about catching anything new. The kids all play together, the parents chat until the doctor is free, and it can be a pleasant way to pass the afternoon hours, which normally would be spent with said children whining that they want to go play somewhere.

The Pinglet spent the time at the doctor's office going on and on about her lip (and really, who can blame her?!?); Mini-Ping spent the entire day (and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before get the picture) puking up the entire contents of his stomach and possibly other vital organs; I spent the rest of the afternoon fuming because I accidentally slammed the car door on my own finger while the Pinglet had a sleep-deprivation meltdown and Mini-Ping continued on his vomiting spree in the backseat. It was certainly not one of my better days.

Today was better in that there were no major injuries reported. I brought Mini-Ping for a follow-up appointment with the GI pediatrician. He was tested for milk allergies, reflux, GERD, and other digestive system malformations, but they found nothing. Seems like I just have another Happy Vomiter around...I may have to break out my book on making solids for babies pretty soon if this keeps up. I SO hate putting together お粥 when babies start solids. I never understand the thrill that people in Japan have for making things so difficult for themselves when life could be really so much easier. It's the whole めんどくさい-ness (PITA-ness) that annoys me. I'll soon be turning to my favorite baby food maker, Wakodo, for their easy to serve baby meals since I don't function as a short-order cook and will not be making four separate meals for the four people who live in this house.

Oooops, I hear the Pinglet hacking away upstairs...hmmm...looks like my pediatrician's playdate may have backfired afterall.

2 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Rachel said...

I used the freeze-dried rice stuff and added milk to it! I think by the time I got to Erica, I was more efficient at doing okayu and it didn't seem so hard anymore. I would really recommend getting some Western baby cereal from FBC, the instant stuff, but probably more nutritious than plain okayu.

ALL of mine started at 4 months by the way, all my kids sat up and held their heads early, so they LOOKED ready and were certainly interested, so while I intended each time to leave it until 6-8 months I actually started way early.

And though I normally tell mums don't don't don't put cereal in the baby's bottle, this is the one case where I would say heck, give anything a try! I can't believe they can't find anything officially 'wrong' even while he's losing weight.

I was also told, when I had trouble with Lena being small, to measure the HEAD circumference, as weight charts are notoriously inaccurate. And to chart his progress against himself, not other babies. But as you said, if he's losing weight, then that's a problem. Good luck! will make my way up your way maybe next weekend.

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Ooh, thanks for the recommendations! Still planning to come up this weekend? I'm going to a conference on Saturday from 1-4 or something like that, but will be around the other parts of the weekend. Hope to see you!


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