Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Busy, busy

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 2/16/2010
Apparently, the art of following rules in Japan starts as early as pre-k. Ping and I just went through the Pinglet's list of rules and regulations for school tonight. I started to zone when I came across directions such as, "The child should bring a handkerchief and packet of tissues to school every day. The handkerchief should be placed in the front pocket of the school shorts; the tissues must be placed in the outside pocket of the child's school bag."

There are four pages listing the items that the Pinglet must have/bring with her to school and where her name must be written on each item (even the tissues). Thankfully, I have a friend in the neighborhood whose son entered pre-k last year and made tons of mistakes. It's always helpful to have a senpai around.

Life has been busy recently with the end-of-year translation work and getting the Pinglet ready for school, with tantrums filling in the free moments. Ahh, the joys of raising a 2-year-old. What little patience I have is being tested (example: Pinglet's tantrums/whining/random aggression while illahee was visiting with her three kidlets), but there are moments in these trying times that are joyful. Her first, "I love Mommy," said all of a sudden before bedtime after a particularly exasperating day. Or the times when she does/says something that catches me off-guard and makes me burst into laughter.

Those are the times I live for.

6 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Gaijin Wife said...

even the tissues? facing northwest and at exactly seven thirteen in the morning? Good luck with all the preparations.

Shou is being a right horror lately and in contrast Marina is being so good :)

I can't wait for these years to pass.

You wont know yourself when the pinglet is away at kindy!

My verication word is 'storked' :)

Rachel said...

Lucky you, we had strict instructions to NOT put ANYTHING in the front pocket of the bag. Apparently kindy teachers are too tired/busy/stupid to look for things in there.

Lulu said...

4 pages! OH MY GOD! Seems like overkill but I have heard it is a little insane!

Like the size on the bags for shoes, clothes etc must be exact sizes.

Good luck wading through it all!

Anonymous said...

It melts the heart....the I Love You's.

medea said...

I still don't have the list for kindy and he starts in 6 weeks! Now I am freaking out.
Maybe I'll get the kinks worked out by the time my next kid enters kindy.

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

GW: I certainly WON'T know what I'm doing when she goes to school! It'll be like a little vacation for me. LOL

Rachel: I'M afraid that I'LL forget to check all the pockets and end up washing her shorts with all the tissues still in them!

Lulu: It's crazy, but apparently the school she's going to is not nearly as strict as some of the other ones.

Mom: Yep! She says it a lot, especially after I've yelled at her for something (she knows how to work it!)

medea: Nice to see you! LOL about working out the kinks. You'll be all set for #2! ;)


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