Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bad Mommy

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 12/05/2009
Does it make me a bad mother if I caved into the Pinglet by buying a プリキュアー stamp set because I was too tired to deal with the tantrum that would surely have occurred had I not done so?

The Pinglet (and therefore by extension, I) had a difficult day today starting right from the get-go. I was shattered from working last night until 5AM and was resting on the couch while the Disney Channel did some babysitting. My light doze was interrupted with a "Mommy, poopie. Iz wet." I look down and--no need to go into details, I'm sure--there she is, COVERED in diarrhea. And so was my carpet. Anyone need to know how to get that out of carpet in a country where I can't find ammonia at the local store? Give me a buzz...thanks to my mom who, when I called her, went right to the net experts. And kudos to her, I only heard a tremor of laughter in her voice when I told her what happened.

After that eventful morning, the Pinglet got her swine flu vaccination. We couldn't get it at our normal pediatrician's office because there's a waiting list, but Ping negotiated (and yes, that exactly what he did) with the local large hospital. Considering that the Pinglet goes to their emergency room at night and had one of two surgeries there, which we had to actually pay for (a novelty in Japan where health care for children is normally free up to a certain age), we were able to get the appointment. All went well--no crying until after the shot was done, which always makes the doctors laugh--and she was actually in bed by 8PM, a minor triumph in the Pinglet household, as anyone who is familiar with the Pinglet's sleep patterns (or lack thereof) since birth.

Ping went to go pick up his new car today and then went to tennis, which left the Pinglet and I up to our own devices. Ping's old car was 15 years old and, even though it started acting up, it still only had 100,000km on it, practically a new car in the eyes of my dad, the modern-day Renaissance Man.

The Pinglet and I went out to the local cafe(teria...and yes, you read that right!) where she had some udon noodles (her favorite foods along with spaghetti and chocolate), and which are gentle on the stomach, and I was hit by such a wave of exhaustion that I couldn't keep my eyes open. What a picture that must have made--the Pinglet happily eating her noodles while I sat with my head on the table. I've only had about 2-3 hours of sleep for the past week with work at night and it seems that sleep deprivation decided to rear it's ugly head this evening.

I had to visit the local convenience store after that to buy some milk (and chocolate for me, while trying to hide my purchases from a similar-minded pipsqueak) and upon entering, was hit full in the face by the above-mentioned プリキュアー cartoon character stamp set. Being lovingly pet by the above-mentioned pipsqueak. With a headache and a sense of impending doom re: tantrum, I made an executive decision.

She slept with it tonight so I guess it wasn't all bad.

6 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

sassymoo said...

Not a bad parent at all! I think ever mom needs to balance how they are feeling with the way they deal with their kids in certain situations. When you`re 100% its easy(easier) to say no and deal with a tantrum that ensues, and the stares and comments that come from people watching. You were obviously way, way less than 100%, and I would have done the exact same thing. In fact, I have. Princess P has come home with many a lollipop on days I`ve been feeling sick or exhausted. Bribery is a useful parenting tool sometimes. I hope you get to catch up on some sleep this weekend! Take care.

thefukases said...

are you kidding? a stamp set? Pah that's nothing and will not even stunt her growth, give her cavities or make her hyperactive. Precure is a slippery slope to start down though as every 6 months you need to completely restock when they make some minute change to the series. For that reason I am firmly supporting Elmo, Ultraman and Anpanman over anything by Toei animation!

Lulu said...

Totally agree with the above comments! It is not like you give in everytime and she was a bit sick today and had a shot- so really, I think if that is all you had to buy you did pretty well!!!!

Next time she throws a tantrum, I wonder if reminding her that she got the stamp set will help stop her in her tracks. Or am I dreaming?

Rachel said...

totally okay! Erica's walked out of the supermarket with an anpanman chocopop several times! You have to pick your battles.

Bring her to play here for the day on a Tueday, and you can go upstairs and have a sleep while her and Erica battle over the toys

Anonymous said...

we've all been there & we've all done that, and anyone who says they haven't.....well......not so.
Love Mom

Gaijin Wife said...

Lulu - you're dreaming. Very selective memories do toddlers have.

Executive decisions like this are so OK and I imagine a mum who doesn't do this at some time or orther either has a very abnormally well behaved child or never leaves the house.

Half our toys are made by such decisions and I think Shou and Marina even have the start of a trust fund, house down payment and education fund for their kids made by such measures. Who needs to ace mummy 101 when what we really need is 'successfully bribing your three year old.'- the good the bad and the ugly.

Hope you got the work finished? I think you may survive on less sleep than me. I couldn't work until 5am. Haven't pulled an all nighter not involving some shooters, shakers and the likes since varsity exams.


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