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Baby Talk

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 8/21/2009
Inspired by this post, I thought you'd like to "hear" some of the Pinglet's latest conversational attempts. It's hard work trying to (1) figure out what language she's trying to speak and (2) then try to figure out what word it sounds like. It probably takes me about 3 days to decipher a new word, by which time the Pinglet is completely frustrated and has pretty much been reduced to using, "No/iiya!" as her fall-back phrase. But with a little perseverance on my part and a little bit of patience on the Pinglet's part (ha), we usually get around these little roadblocks

So, without further ado, welcome to the Pinglet's world!

Television shows and cartoon characters:
  • Wari (Wall-E DVD)
  • Tinkabe (Tinkerbell DVD)
  • Hapure (Hairspray DVD)
  • Taintain (Little Einstein DVD)
  • Anmanman (Anpanman)
  • Miki (Mickey Mouse), Minnie
  • Owa (Oswald from Hello, Oswald!)
  • Bapu (Winnie the Pooh)
Ordering Ping and I around the house (and sometimes politely):
  • Moooi (more, or when she wants to see or do something again, with intense, annoying whining action)
  • Bake up! (Wake up!): This is followed by little hands trying to shove my glasses on my face, narrowly missing my eyes.)
  • Hep! (Help me!), Pinglet hep (meaning Pinglet do!), Mommy/Daddy hep (means, Mommy get the hell over hear before I throw a tantrum)
  • Peese (please)
  • Tank u (thank you)
  • Nai yo! (In Japanese, it means "not there" or "none")
  • Sea (sit)
  • Watch!: Means look, watch, see.
  • Muna (food): I have no idea where she came up with this one
  • Et (eat)
  • Badu (udon)
  • Poon (spoon), pook (fork)
  • Wawa (water), tea, cookie
  • Bu (fish): Don't ask me
  • Rish (rice)
  • Oishi (Japanese for "delicious")
  • Appu (apple)
  • Ice cream: Of course she can totally say this word correctly. It's her FAV!
  • Appuru ji (apple juice)
  • Mik (milk)
  • Buchubu (Her word for soup and soap, since they sound the same to her. I have no clue why these two words have become "buchubu")
  • Brrrd (bread), tost (toast), butta (butter)
  • Onini (onigiri: rice ball)
  • Kopi (coffee)
  • Pikisha: Spaghetti
Toys, colors and fun:
  • Piiion (phone)
  • Dansh (dance)
  • Mani (money, means coins mainly)
  • Babu (bubbles)
  • Teeru (tail, as in "Mommy no tail, Nana no tail, Daddy no tail..." and so forth)
  • Buka (book)
  • Bika (bike)
  • Swiad (slide)
  • Mujic (music)
  • Pinky (pink), yewwo (yellow), and repeating all other colors but getting them wrong, unless it's pink or yellow.
  • Pen, papu (paper)
  • Disudo (dinosaurs)
  • No (Said in conjunction with the Japanese children's word for "no"--iiya--just in case I didn't get that she's not pleased with whatever it is that she's supposed to be doing), OK
  • Susshi (suzushii: Japanese for cool or cold)
  • Nish (nice)
  • Happy
  • Atsui (Japanese for "hot"), but cold is said in English
  • Tatai or hayai (takai but can also mean ookii)
  • Top! (Stop!)
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!! (Hi! Said to everyone, including taxi drivers after she's hailed one to drive us home...and I'm totally serious about her flagging down taxis herself)
  • Huai (Hai! When handing over things to someone)
  • See! (Look!)
  • Owari! (Japanese for "finished")
  • Moi (more)/aga (again)/moi ikkai (Japanese for "one more time")
  • Gone, look/see
  • Pwetti (pretty, as in "Pretty Mommy" *preens*)
  • Kanpai! (Japanese for "cheers!")
  • Kapu (careful)
  • Wak (walk), run
  • Iyada (I don't like it, No)
Clothing and body parts:
  • Shoes
  • Hatu (hat)
  • Eye, ear, nose, mouth, cheek, hair, head, arm, hand, leg, peet (feet), battu (butt)
People she loves:
  • Family: Mommy (kaasan), Daddy (toosan), Nana, Bapu, Kawen (Aunt Karen), Mugen (Aunt Meghan), Kenu (Uncle Kenny), Dabi (Uncle David)
  • Friends: Miya and Keti (Katie), Kaigo (Keigo), Tato (Satoru), Sasha (for illahee, apparently getting her mixed up with her daughter), Hun-kun (Shun-kun)
  • Api (open)
  • Gika (train: In Pinglet's language. I think it's a mix of densha and shinkansen, but the jury's still out on this one)
  • Densa (Densha, train in Japanese)
  • Ren (rain)
  • Ca (car), drive
  • Baby
  • Nainai (for going to bed)
  • Shawa (shower),
  • Tree, flower, bir (bird), kitty, wanwan (doggy), orsi (horse), piggy (pig), house, pen, papu (paper), stoller (stroller), puu (pool), banket (blanket),
  • Kochi (Japanese for "This way"), koko (Japanese for "here")
  • Touch! (when doing a high-five)
  • Giasses (glasses)
  • Bwash (brush)
  • Taksi (taxi)
  • Mun (moon), san (sun)

8 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Rachel said...

Okay I'm studying hard for the playdate!

Erica also gets my glasses for me when she thinks it's time I got up. Only she opens them backwards, and somehow gets the arms pointing in the wrong direction.

Clare Maree said...

Hi, I've been lurking for a bit. Hope you don't mind a comment from a stranger.
My bairingaru babies both had a different way of saying anpanman (though never having seen an anpanman cartoon in their entire lives, somehow it managed to pervade our bicultural home here in Oz). My boy called him panpanman and my little girl called him anpanpan. Now at 9 and 6 years of age respectively, they still get a kick out of my stories of the funny things they used to say. My personal favourite, when my son was a bit older, was "kani-san ni natta", when he wanted to say "ka ni sasareta" (I've been bitten by a mosquito).
I have my little boy's first 10 or 15 words (happa, or-gon (all gone), mo (Elmo), etc) on a 100-yen magnetic white board thingie on my fridge that I cannot bear to get rid of. I'm sure the Pinglet will love to hear you tell her these words when she's older. Thanks for letting me share.

Anonymous said...

print them out & save'll enjoy looking at them later on. Love Mom

Gaijin Wife said...

Thats a great idea keeping a list of them. You have inspired me to start listening more to Marina!! She is really starting to get some words now. Most of them are Japanese though.

Shou's latest is f**ks Sake.

No idea where that came from.

:) oops

Mande's J-Life said...

Wow, she is doing very well. In just a few months, I am sure she will be saying full sentences to you! How exciting is that? Here is an example of a full sentence from Ailin when I am singing a song that I just taught her the day before. "Mama no song ja nai deshou! Papa no song deshou!" and it is said in the snottiest tone you can ever imagine.

thefukases said...

Ohhh that's so cute. Funny but Amy does the No!Iiya! Thing too. Just incase I didn't get it, hey?

At almost 4 Amy still has trouble with otokonoko which comes out as otonoko and at almost 6 Meg still gets difficult and different mixed up but then so does her dad!

Keeping a record is such a great idea!

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Rachel, you did very well at the playdate! You probably understood more of what the Pinglet said than I did. :)

Clare Maree, thank you for commenting! I love getting comments from new people. :) I enjoyed reading your story about your bilingual kids...loved the kani-san ni natta! :)

GW, LOLOLOL! The Pinglet's most recent word is sh*t. Lovely.

Mande, does Ailin speak more Japanese than English? Is this because she goes to daycare? The Pinglet's also been mixing languages. She'll say, "Pinglet sit kochi" and things like's interesting explaining it to people when they listen to her talking. :)

thefukases, aren't Amy and the Pinglet one and the same??? I think they also had the same sleeping habits, so it doesn't surprise me that the both of them like to make themselves known when they say "no/iiya".

Mom, thanks! I will print it out in case the blog ever goes kaput. :)

Christelle said...

Wow, this post just makes me more excited for when Jonah starts saying more words. I never thought about the difficulty we'll have distinguishing the language and then trying to figure out the word- but that makes sense. I enjoyed reading everyone's comments on here too- so interesting! Thanks for sharing this post with me via Facebook.


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