Thursday, March 19, 2009

The next top model

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 3/19/2009
Evening Wear
Fresh-out-of-the-bath Pinglet "Get Outta My Face" Babycakes models a number personally selected for her by wardrobe designer, Ping "No-I'm-Not-Colorblind" Daddy-O 
(Photograph by Kuri "Going Krazy" Mamma-Mia)

This fantastic wardrobe was carefully chosen by Ping to compliment the spring season and the upcoming Easter holidays. This was tame compared to her daytime wardrobe, also selected by Ping, which consisted of a green shirt paired with pink pants and blue socks.

I think I may have to color coordinate her dresser drawers so that the Pinglet won't be starring in these pages here.

6 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

illahee said...

LOL i don't think my kids have ever chosen for themselves. except maybe tommy, who insists on staying in his pjs all day....

Sara said...

LOL I think she looks cute!! And its sweet that she's dressed by "Daddy"

I thought you were going to be writing about the latest season of ANTM which I am currently watching off Youtube and was getting ready to dish on my faves lol

I'm sure that she will be a great contest from Top Model 50 or so! ;) Although I doubt Tyra will be looking so hot then.

Anonymous said...

haha me too, I thought you were going to dish about the latest in TM lol But this is much more cute.

Mande's J-Life said...

What's up girl? You are too funny. I never let Yusuke pick out clothes because somehow he always manages to find the one pair of pants deep inside her dresser drawer that is too short and doesn't fit her anymore.

I heard of one mom who puts outfits together for a whole week and somehow she clips them together, so even the kid can get his own clothes out.

Christelle said...

You're lucky your dh will put clothes on your dd. Mine gives up (ds does put up a good wrestle though) and says "he didn't want to wear pants." You'd probably not be impressed with my baby fashion sense either though, but at least I can get ds dressed :) And the Pinglet is so cute :) and your comments are so funny :)

kuri & ping said...

illahee, Tommy would look cute no matter what he was wearing.

Sara and GirlJapan, I don't even think I've ever seen Top Model so I definitely couldn't fill you in on the newest season! :)

Mande, LOL about Yusuke. E7 also manages to find the one thing that I've been planning to put away but never got around to. Usually horrible pants or clothes that are WAY too small for her.

Christelle, That is so funny about your DH and that he just gives up so easily! E7 brings the Pinglet out to the store in her pjs because he doesn't want to listen to her moan about having to get dressed. BTW. your DS looks very well turned out in his photos, so it looks like you've been doing a good job fashion wise. :)


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