Monday, March 30, 2009

All's Quiet on the Western Front

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 3/30/2009
We had a wonderful visit with Nana, who came all the way to visit the Pinglet from New York. I know she doesn't come to visit Ping or I anymore. Your position starts slipping the moment you have a little one around for the grandparents to dote upon.

The Pinglet remembered Nana from her visit to New York in December and didn't blink an eye when she saw a strange, jet-lagged woman sleeping on the couch in Mommy's office. She just climbed into bed with her and smiled and smiled. And then proceeded to start her non-stop talking jag that she's been on for the past couple of months. She NEVER stops talking. The fact that most of the time, no one understands a word she's saying hasn't stopped her. I guess she figures that eventually someone will figure it out.

Nana left today and the Pinglet is bereft. She's been looking around the house for her Nana and when told that Nana's left (don't you remember going to the airport to see the "flying shinkansens" (as she thinks of them because all trains and airplanes are shinkansens to the Pinglet) and watching Nana go bye-bye?), turns on the waterworks. It's definitely one of the hardest part of being overseas.

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3 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Nay said...

That is what I am not looking forward to the most when Naoki and I have kids... seeing our children have to say goodbye to their grandparents without knowing exactly when they will see them again...

I'm glad that Pinglet had a wonderful time with her Nana. It sounds like she has a wonderful relationship with her although they don't get to see each other that often. That is definitely a good thing!

Btw - I LOVE your new blog design, it looks fantastic!

Belinda said...

Chris, I could have written that post myself! Honestly, I don't think a grandparent has to live in another continent for a kidlet to feel upset about them not being around. D goes through that very same thing with S's parents. They visit us once, maybe twice per year. We aim for the same up there. I think it's actually become worse as he's got older, because he's much more aware and each visit he has more fun with them. The last time we dropped them at the airport in late Feb, he started crying as soon as Grandad stepped foot out of the car. It sux and it makes you wonder how you can make it better. But in our case (and yours too!), we'll never be in the same place as both grandparents, so one set always seems to miss out. I usually leave the airport in tears. It's hard. All we can do is make it as easy as we can, with regular Skype video calls, talking on the phone etc. That way they don't miss each other TOO much between visits! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love visiting your site, just to view the luscious graphics in the background.. love the CS styling.

As for Grandparents, I have a place for them (the extra addition to the house) so my mum and dad can come for long stints at a time, not so much if we have kids or not but my furry kids or even maybe one's I make my own but just to spend time and have breakfast together even if that sounds so mundane..


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