Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chocoholics Unite

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 2/17/2009
I spent the evening watching the Pinglet pretending to talk to a company with Ping's cell phone, apparently complaining about something they sent in the mail. I have no idea what she was saying, but it included expansive gestures towards the letter and a lot of shouting. 

I am totally stuffed. We went out with some other moms and their kids today to a children's play place, where the Pinglet went, for lack of a better word, insane. Her attention span lasted for approximately 10 seconds per toy/game, and I spent the better part of the afternoon literally racing after her to make sure that she didn't fall and split her lip open (which she has done on numerous occasions at this play center).

So, why is my gut is hanging over the waistline of my pants? Well, today, my friends organized a "sweets' party." Everyone was supposed to bring some kind of dessert that we would all share while our children were to sit politely on our laps and watch us eat, all the while ignoring the fun and games around them.

Um, yeah.

I ate 2 pieces of my own candy. That is all that the Pinglet would let me have before squirming and wrestling herself away from me so she could chase some other kids around. 

On the plus side, this kept me from eating what everyone else brought. Then I discovered that everyone was taking the leftovers and bringing them home...not splitting them up, but just taking what they brought home with them.

I bought a 30 piece chocolate sampler on Valentine's Day, thinking that it would be nice for women to get a bit of chocolate, instead of having to give it all to the men. Unfortunately, hardly any of it was eaten since the other ladies ended up having to chase their pings/pinglettes around. Which meant that I had to bring it home to my house, where there are no other chocolate lovers.

I have no self-control when there is chocolate in the house. It has to be eaten. And immediately.

My stomach is killing me. It reminds me of the Butterfingers fiasco a few months ago. Ugh. And I have tomorrow to get through with the remains of the sampler in the refrigerator just waiting for me. Life can be cruel.

7 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

illahee said...

sorry kuri, but you make me laugh! too much chocolate....

Anonymous said...

kawaii desune ^^

The Pinglet pretended to talk to a company with Ping's cell phone in English ?

Anonymous said...

At least you tried to enjoy some chocolate! I still have not tasted those buttery fingers, but I search for them when I am out at Kaldi.. still can't find em!

Sara said...

hope you feel better!! too much chocolate can sometimes be too much!

any pinglet videos you'd be willing to share! she is such a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

How funny that must have been to watch Nao on the phone chatting away!
Love MOm

Rachel said...

You can never eat too much chocolate. Ever.

Mande's J-Life said...

Too funny. I find that since my husband is a chocolate lover, I have to devour the chocolate BEFORE he comes home, finds it and devours it himself. If there is any just laying around in the fridge, it will be found and devoured before the next morning.

Anyway, do you realize that white day gifts are expected to cost 3x the amount of a valentine's gift? So, if someone gives a 500 yen box of chocolates, she can expect to get a white day gift that is worth 1500 yen or more. This is according to my students. I am not sure how it works for home-made chocolates though. By the way, I received a few valentine's gifts from students, and one was a sage-flavored "cookie." Sage and cookie - not a good match. I nearly threw up. My white day gifts might well be rosemary-flavored cookies just to get back at her.


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