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Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 12/17/2008
Note to self: 
Do not gorge yourself on too many Butterfinger miniatures, especially since your digestive system is in no way ready to handle the taste of Nestle chocolate after being deprived of it for so long. Heed this warning or you shall once again find yourself visiting the powder room in your non-central heated home, freezing your bootyhocks* off and waiting for the agony to end.

I blame illahee for this travesty. I happened to see a bag of these lovely little beauties in her shopping cart, when she tempted me with the words that can only make an expat salivate with excitement. "They're on sale...down from $8 to $3." Willpower? I only bought one bag instead of five. And thank the goddess for that stroke of luck. I'm afraid of what might have become of me if I had more Butterfingers around the house.

It's quite amazing that I was able to eat as many as I did, considering that I have to hide any food that I'm eating from the Pinglet even if it's the same thing that she's eating, lest I find her attempting to climb up my body, rip whatever food I have out of my hand, and when that doesn't work, try to pry my lips open to grab half-masticated globs of gunk from my mouth (and no, I'm not exaggerating. Wish that I were.) With another successful surgery behind her belt, she's become bolder in attempting to eat what Ping and I are eating, especially things she can't have like chocolate, salty chips, and wasabi.

The surgery on Friday went well and the Pinglet was back to her normal, rambunctious self three hours after she came out of the anesthesia. Which means that she--while on an IV for the next 15 hours--attempted to get out of the bed and run around on the floor (attached to the IV pole), twist into odd shapes and find creative ways to wrap the IV around her feet/legs/neck, and generally drive Ping and I crazy. I drew the short straw and got to stay with my crazed angelic daughter, which means that she was sedated a short while after Ping left to go home (Nurse? Her eye hurts and she needs something to help her sleep. Yes, I know she looks like she's happy, but it's only because you're in the room and she's trying to make nice with you so you don't stick her with another needle.)

It was truly a fantastic night, with me sleeping in the crib WITH her, using Winnie the Pooh as a pillow, fighting her for blanket coverage, and trying to keep her from rubbing her eyes, while constantly untangling the IV from her nightly Jane Fonda workout. It was a bleary-eyed Kuri that met Ping when he arrived bearing gifts of coffee the next morning.

She'll get the stitches out on Friday and we'll also have the results of her biopsy then. Til then, I am on constant guard to make sure that her little hands don't attempt to rip the stitches out. I might be able to get a job with the Secret Service, if I keep this training up.

* bootyhocks = butt. Coined by my niece and nephew.

UPDATE: We went to the hospital today to have the doctor check out the Pinglet's stitches because I've been a bit paranoid since she's CONSTANTLY touching her eye. Even when she's asleep, which means that Ping and I aren't getting any sleep at all. Anyway, her stitches are healing nicely. They also had the results of her biopsy and the lump was benign (*big sigh of relief*). 

It was a "primary giant cell tumor of the soft tissue" which, from my talks with Dr. Google, have led me to understand that it is not very common, since it most often manifests on bone.

Here is a snippet from the (IRL) doctor's biopsy report, which for some absolutely bizarre reason was in English. I probably understood more of it than anyone in the room.

Primary giant cell tumor of the soft tissue:
Microscopic examination reveals an intradermal, well-circumscribed tumor composed of spindled, histiocytoid tumor cells possessing elliptical nuclei. There are also scattered multinucleated giant cells. No evidence of malignancy. This tumor is well resected out.

So, we'll be celebrating the holidays in style this year and making a New Year's resolution to keep the Pinglet out of the hospital for 2009 (and many, many, many more years to come)!

7 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Gina said...

I'm glad to hear her surgey was sucessful! : )

And yummm, Butterfinger! : )

illahee said...

lol i haven't even opened mine yet!!! and most of them are going in the freezer for now. ;)

had fun yesterday, thanks for meeting up!!

Sara said...

Yummm Butterfinger-y goodness! I love those so much!! My only gripe is the way the butterfinger-y part gets stuck in my molars.

Hoping for a speedy recovery for the Pinglet!!

And hey... who is to blame you at $3 a pack. I would have bought at least 2-3 ;)

Anonymous said...

I like Nestle, I love the international brand but I never had Butter finger before!!!

What do they taste like? The story IS FUNNY!!! Your poor Arse freezing like that! If you don't have CenAir, how about a heated toilet?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the joys of parenthood. Glad the surgery went well! Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2009!

Lulu said...

Oh I missed this post.

Glad the surgery went well & that the pinglet recovered quickly.

Hope Christmas was great for you & that you found some more biccies! hehe!

jennifer barbera tunks said...

Hi Chrissie,
I love your blog. So funny- ur a great writer you should do it for a living. So glad your little angel is ok. Happy New year!


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