Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 11/02/2008

Cheerleader with a 'tude, originally uploaded by aurora94.

In a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween (but has Halloween decorations and candy for sale, right next to the Christmas decorations, which are already ON SALE(!)), we had a rocking party with kids from around the neighborhood, including illaheebaby and her gorgeous kidlets dressed to the nines!

I had originally only planned on having about 3 kids come over--a quiet little affair--which turned into 10 kids coming over to chow down on some candy and cake (I'm sure the parents here love me now).

Apparently a rumor spread like wildfire among the kids in the neighborhood (Candy! At the foreigner's house! Candy! Candy! Candy!), and at the front door, I found about 8 kids clamoring for candy. To their credit, they did attempt to dress up, so I rewarded them with candy corns (yuck) and animal crackers. Yes, in the U.S., I would be the house in the neighborhood that the kids would avoid because the candy isn't worth it.

Every the gracious hostess, Cheerleader Pinglet was on the scene to greet her guests by attempting to wrestle their toys and candy away from them and make them her own.

She was definitely a cheerleader with a 'tude, even though the pom-poms scared her.

8 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

tamakikat said...

What a treat that picture is!

I wonder what Pinglet's going to be like when she's 4? A roller girl?

Good for you for getting into the spirit. I had to let it go this year as I was too busy to organize anything.


Anonymous said...

Yuck on the corns... I hear you, but what a babe! The costume is cute.. rah rah.... pom poms! She'll remember this.. I was a pom pom girl once (too young to be in the parade).... this is adorable.

Gina said...

What a cute little cheerleader you have there! : )

And I hear ya on the candy corn, I detest candy corn!

I'm glad you had a Happy Halloween! : )

Lulu said...

I have never tried candy corn??

Is it an American/Canadian thing? Is it only for halloween?

She makes a great cheerleader!!! I am slightly scared of pompoms myself so I understand her fear!

Definitely a picture to pull out at the 21st I think!

illahee said...

i LOVE candy corn. only brach's, though.

Sara said...

awww the pinglet looks like a star!

and because of this she already has a few more points towards being queen of the 'hood

not that there was any doubt with her personality ;)

Christelle said...

Her "tude" just makes her even cuter! Great costume idea btw Mommy!

Belinda said...

What a classic photo! LOL! And yay for you getting the tradition going there -I bet the neighbours' kids LOVE you for it! ;-)

We don't celebrate Halloween here in Australia so it's cute seeing other ppl's kids doing it.


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