Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 11/20/2008
I L!O!V!E! Christmas. The earlier the decorations and window displays go up, the better. In Japan, the Christmas decorations were on the shelves before the Halloween decorations had even been taken down. I heard grumbles from the peanut gallery about how early it was, but secretly I was already humming Christmas carols and starting to make out my Christmas to-do list.

This year, my Walton-sized family in NY decided to do Secret Santa's instead of exchanging with everyone. So my to-do list is a bit shorter than usual on the shopping front, but I'll have more time to think about my Secret Santa recipient and what they would like to see under the tree. I feel it's time to start putting tinsel and lights up around the computer screen and get shopping!

We'll be decorating the tree next weekend. I wanted to decorate this weekend, but realized (belatedly) today that I'll be hosting some friends and their gaggles of kids for Thanksgiving on Sunday. Whoops. Better blow the dust off of my pots and pans and get started on cooking! I have many a Thanksgiving story, including my first ever Thanksgiving when I had to cut up a raw turkey (*shudder*) and cook it in a toaster oven. Yes, you read that right. A toaster oven. This was after I lugged a gigantic raw turkey over to the local school where I taught so I could use their kitchen oven. And where I had to then bring home said raw turkey because the teachers thought I only needed to use the kitchen for 30 minutes. I've since moved on from those days and now cook my 2 pound chicken in a complex combination microwave/oven/oven toaster/defroster/NASA space station launch pad.

So after our Thanksgiving feast this weekend, I'll be free to start obsessing over focusing on Christmas and our travel plans. I'm sure this flight to NY will be a doozy. The Pinglet is the epitome of a "toddler;" I hope for your sakes that you won't be traveling on the same flight as us.

It'll be another Walton Christmas in NY, with everyone crammed into my childhood home--spouses, kids, dogs. And a little Pinglet that I fear will keep everyone awake with her jet lag and chronic night wakings. Maybe the calls of everyone saying goodnight to one another will send her off to dreamland. One can only hope.

Goodnight John-Boy!

5 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Gina said...

I loved watching the Walton's. : ) And yay you get to go home for Christmas! I bet your family misses you and Ping and the Pinglet! : )

Anonymous said...

And the Walton benches are still around the kitchen table.....can't wait til everyone's in
Love Mom

Belinda said...

Christine - phenergan is your friend LOL! Lots of ppl use it for long flights but they test it first to make sure it doesn't send their children hyper!

Are you flying at night? IF so that should make it easier - tired her out that day before you go!

As you know we are doing an RTW trip in May, so I have been doing a lot of reading and planning on long haul flights w/ toddlers!!!

tamakikat said...

The NY Walton's at Christmas? Sounds like fun.

Winter Wonderland, one of my favorite seasonal songs, is being played in the stores in Kyoto a lot at the moment.

All the best for the planning and the journey back home.


kuri & ping said...

I'm so excited to go to NY for Christmas. It's the best season!

Winter Wonderland...Great song! I'm particular to anything by Nat King Cole. Have to start digging my Christmas CDs out of storage!

This will be our 2nd trip back to NY with the Pinglet. We're flying in the morning (the only flight to NY leaves at noon, but hopefully she'll go down for a nap right after...who knows?) Keep me posted on your trip in May!


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