Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Taming of the Shrew

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 10/28/2008
With a title like that, we all know who I'm talking about, now, don't we?

The Pinglet has decided that she is now old enough to know her own mind and has started to throw (mini-)tantrums. They seem like full-blown ones to me, but I have been assured that they will get worse in time, which has struck fear in my heart.

She is a full-on throw-her-body-on-the-floor, kicking and screaming tantrum thrower. It's truly amazing to behold.

She normally is very well-behaved when we're outside. I know she does this on purpose because she enjoys being told how good she is by whatever random ojiichan (grandpa) or obaachan (grandma) are on the bus. And it always is an ojiichan or obaachan because I'm the only person under 70 who takes the bus to the center of town. It's hard to justify fighting for a seat with someone who has a cane and isn't afraid to use it. I'm really, really going to have to get my license. The dilemma is do I go for the $3,000 driver's ed course or face the music and take the driving test never having driven on the left-hand side of the road? Decisions, decisions...

Today, the Pinglet decided that she wasn't going to be bound by convention and threw a Grade 5 tantrum in the middle of the street. For some reason unknown to me and the world at large. I figured I would flag a taxi and not subject the other bus-riders to the sounds that were coming out of her little mouth.

I tipped the taxi driver. This is a big thing in Japan because you don't tip anyone for anything, but this poor man had to try to keep from crashing into other cars while the Pinglet let it rip. And I mean, RIP. I just gave up after a while and went all Zen. Meditation is great when you have a screaming toddler in the car and can't escape. Red-faced screaming, feet-stomping, limp body...it was a sight to behold. Except I was (mentally) on a beach in Bali.

I wasn't even going to apologize to the taxi driver because, really, what am I going to say? But I figured a blanket apology would just about do it. His response? "What a healthy little girl with those great lungs!" And no, he wasn't taking the piss. Somehow I can't visualize a similar response from a taxi driver in NYC.

I think some soundproof walls in our new place will just about do the trick.

8 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

tamakikat said...

I'm sorry but this post really makes me smile. (You can laugh at me when I have kids and go through the same, I promise.)

I like the post because you let Pinglet do what she needs to do-be a kid and let loose.

I like how you deal with her and take care of yourself.

I like how how you dealt with the taxi driver and how he replied.

I like Japan and the positivity we meet in our lives here.

Sara said...

the Pinglet must be heard...
I think that your sense of humor is going to get you far! And I am impressed with your ability to go zen... Perhaps you should perfect the Kuri-Method, then you will certainly have enough money to pay for driving school :)

Sherry said...

I would have just taken her on the bus anyway. You would be amazed at the magic some of those old folks can work. I have one that has only had one real temper tantrum in 5 1/2 years (at the Anpanman store in Tokyo during a show), and one that throws more tantrums by noon than most kids have in a week. I feel for you.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh the memories this brings back! Love Mom

Rachel said...

Do the course! From what I've heard if you don't they'll just keep failing you over and over again anyway until you've paid the same amount of money....it's all a scam.

Poor pinglet. Erica does it too, falls on her bum on the floor. No really big ones yet though. I just feel sorry for them, they can't deal their feelings of frustration. Erica will drop what I have told her to drop, then pack a paddy anyway!

Sweet of your mom to remember and not get a case of grandparental amnesia!

Lulu said...

I admire your patience! Really I do!

As a teacher, when kids through tantrums I also tried to just let them cry/scream/howl it out as long as they didn`t abuse any of the other students.

I agree with Sara- you sound so zen about the whole thing- you must be an amazingly calm mother!

kuri & ping said...

LOL...I WISH I was a calm mom! I'm most certainly not, but sometimes it's just easier to give into the moment, rather than try to fight it. :) I have my share of moments of great irritation and annoyance! :)

Belinda Herod said...

Ahh how funny! What a great taxi driver he was eh?

The tantrums probably will get a lot worse (sorry!). Thankfully we only really great a 2 second explosion then D is over it. Let her get it out then divert her attention - works a treat here!

I didn't realise you hadn't driven in Japan yet! Driving on the left isn't too bad ;-) Seriously though - I have driven in Europe and you just sort of get used to it. I can't believe though that they charge you 3 K for a driving course? OUCH!!!


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