Thursday, September 4, 2008

In like Flynn!

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 9/04/2008
What does that mean? I've always wondered.

We're finally in our new place! We moved last Saturday with the help of the Pinglet, who was my little assistant, taking things out of boxes after they had already been packed, crawling into said empty boxes to pretend she was on a ship, etc., etc. Everything got packed eventually by 3AM on Friday night.

Our new place is about a billion times bigger than our apartment. I don't know what to do with all the space. The Pinglet doesn't know what to do either and spends a good part of the day running around in a circle from the entryway to the living room to the kitchen to the entryway to the living room to the...oh, you get the idea.

The area we're living in is still being developed so there are only a few families around (maybe about 30 or so). I've already started my mission to meet people since I require a good social network to keep the Pinglet occupied. I met a group of mothers last night when we were taking our evening constitutional and found out that one of them has twins who are the same age as the Pinglet. They were both (yes, both of them) sitting quietly in their double stroller, looking out at the world. And then there was the Pinglet, running here and there because she doesn't like to be contained in the stroller, trying to take toys away from the older kids who were with them. I hope we don't become the lepers of our new neighborhood. "It's the toy snatcher!" come the frightened cries of children everywhere, with doors slamming shut as we make our way down the street.

I've taken photos of our new place and will get them up as soon as I can. Maybe that will be my treat to myself after a weekend of going through the almost 50 boxes of things waiting to be unpacked. What the hell could I have that would fill up 50 boxes?

PS: I have to whisper this but...the Pinglet takes 2 hour naps every day, goes to bed at 7:30PM and sleeps (well, mostly) through the night. I don't want this information to get out, but holy sh*t! She's been taken over by the body snatchers! Baby! Woo-hoo!!!

7 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Lulu said...

Glad the move went (fairly!) smoothly! I am really looking forward to seeing the photos!!

Best of luck with the neighbourhood families- I have to ask, when they see you coming, do they ever say hello to you first or do you usually have to make the first move? I ask because I know sometimes when people see foreigners they are a little wary?! I ask for future reference for myself!

Has the move put Ping further away from work? Or is it about the same?

Ps: *in a whisper* yay for sleeping!

thefukases said...

Wow sounds like the move went really well. We moved when M was about the same age and it had the opposite effect on her. She kept trying to find rooms based on the layout of the old place and bursting into tears when she opened the toilet door AGAIN trying to find her toys. :(

(soto voice) Congrats on the sleep thing too! Fingers crossed it's not just a phase!

Helen said...

Are you sure you really want to know about "In Like Flynn?" Not sure you do, but as a movie buff, I had to look it up for you. It most likely has to do with Errol Flynn who got himself into a little trouble with an underage girl.

I can't post the URL, but just Google In Like Flynn and you'll find it!

Glad the move went well. Pinglet sounds like a character.

Anonymous said...

It's great that there are other kids who are close to Nao's age! Lots of new playmates for her!
Love Mom

Christelle said...

Glad the move went well overall, but more importantly, glad about Nao's new napping schedule (and more than a little envious- though perhaps something I have to look forward to?!!)

Gina said...

I'm glad your move went well! : )

kuri & ping said...

Thanks for the well-wishes! Photos will be coming soon once I find the USB port...should resurface tomorrow since my plan is to go through the rest of the boxes then. It's definitely somewhere...

Lulu, some of the neighbors are interested in talking to me, some run away. But I'm good at chasing people down, as is the Pinglet since she usually wants whatever toy the other child is holding. :) Ping's office is a little further away, but not much. He has to commute by bus rather than train though.

Helen, thanks for the In Like Flynn reference! Never knew that. :)

Christelle, well, it took over a year to get where we are sleepwise...I hope your training goes better than ours is going! :)


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