Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Day in the Life

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 9/14/2008
Ahhh...look at that sunshine. OK, it's still a bit dark, but I'm sure I just saw a little hint of light right over in the corner of the room. Ah ha! There it must be morning. Time to get up! Up, UP, UPPPP, Mommy and Tosan! Rise and shine! looks like they don't hear me. I don't like to do this so early in the morning because I have to warm up my vocal cords, but drastic times require drastic measures.


There we go. Movement. *sigh* Tosan is jumping out of bed to pick me up and comfort me. Little does he know that I need Mommmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy and although she's doing a good job of pretending to ignore me, I can see the vein pulsing in her forehead with my supersonic vision. She'll be getting up by-and-by. I just have to make sure I keep the volume cranked! Nothing like a good vocal exercise session at 5AM.

On our way downstairs where Tosan will give me a bottle in a futile attempt to get me back to sleep. I wonder when he'll get the idea that I'm up for the day and want real food, just like he and Mommy have all the time. I seem to recall Mommy eating a popsicle for breakfast one morning. That's what I'm talking about.

Diaper changed? Check (I decided to give them a break by not screaming through the entire changing have to keep them on their toes if you want anything done.) Bottle finished? Check. Now onto getting Mommy to get up. It was so much easier in the tiny space we used to share. I could just step up to the bed and cry right in Mommy's face so she would get up and play with me, but it's harder now since she's on the 2nd floor and seems to be avoiding me. Very strange specimen, that Mommy lady.

Cry, cry, cry. Whine, whine, whine. Drop toys all over floor. Ah. I hear her coming down the stairs now. MOMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE HERE!!!!! IT'S BEEN AGES SINCE WE'VE SEEN EACH OTHER!!!! PICK ME UP!!! HUG ME!!! TICKLE ME!!!! 

OK, I've had enough. Put me down. Oh, but I don't really want to go down, so I'll just pull my legs up and turn them into spaghetti so you can't put me down. OK, so she put me down on my butt even though I didn't want to go down. Whine, whine, whine. Cry, cry, cry. Mommy seems to be saying something about not being able to wait for naptime. Is she talking about her's or mine?

Time to check out today's show, Hairspray. Time for a little and sing and screech along with the soundtrack. MOMMY! It's time to dance! Get your butt over here. Pick me up. Up, up, up!!!

Mommy said she can't believe that it's only been 30 minutes since I've gotten up. It feels like an eternity to me! I can see Mommy's face though and it looks like she's gearing up to put me down for a nap. Mommy is a funny bird. She doesn't get it that I will sleep when and only when I want to. I will not stand for anyone trying to put me to....zzzzzzzz.

(Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping)

1 hour later:

Ah!! How did I end up in this cage again? It's comfortable with this little mattress, but I don't like the idea that I can't get up and out of bed freely. Get me out of these bars!

Now Mommy is getting me lunch. She seems to be either feeding me or putting me to sleep all day long. Surely her day has to be more exciting than this. I'm excited every day! There's so many things to touch and rip apart (because I like to hear the sound!). I'm not sure why Mommy doesn't like to join me in these games.

I wonder what will happen if I drop this piece of bread on the floor? Oh, look. It doesn't float down like I thought it would. Is this what they call gravity? Drop, drop, drop. Oh, Mommy's face is turning red. I don't think she likes that. Let me stick my fingers in the yoghurt and smear it all over my face and hair. A cheap facial. How does Mommy like that? Hmmm, not too much. She seems to be muttering to herself and I can make out some words. Sounds like, "why," and "put her to bed," and "if you throw that on the floor one more time, lunchtime is over," or something to that effect. 

Now Mommy's saying something about going bye-bye! I love bye-bye. She doesn't seem to understand my gibberish but I've answered all her questions about where I want to go and what I want to do. We don't seem to be going there though. Wonder where our destination will be today? We're like fearless explorers, going here and there trying to discover new places. And Mommy is like my mush dog...she gets me where I'm going and carries all my things so I am free to grab whatever comes into my field of vision. I especially like touching people's hair. It's fun!

On the bus again...I'm trying to keep my screaming tantrums down to a minimum because I think Mommy' s had enough for the time being. But I have to let rip with a big one every now and then, just to keep her on her toes. I'll try to tone it down because I don't think Mommy will want to have to get off the bus in the middle of nowhere and flag down a taxi like we did the other day. 

Today, we're at the children's center. I want to climb up backwards on the slides, jump on and off the merry-go-round without it stopping, run around willy-nilly and basically run Mommy into the ground. She needs to get to bed early so I'm trying to tire her out so she sleeps better.

Uh, oh. Mommy is coming over here with a look of determination on her face. And, she's picking me up and bringing me in the opposite direction. What is she thinking?? I. WANT. TO. STAY. HERE. AND. PLAY!! I. WANT. TO. STAY. HERE. AND. PLAY!!! I. WANT. TO. STAY. HERE. AND. PLAY!!!! 

Oh, God. Back on the bus again. I'M TIRED Mommy! Whine, whine, whine. Cry, cry, cry because we're back at the house again. It's time for more food and a bath with Mommy. After the shower, we get dressed and then TOSAN!!!!!!!'s home!!!!
Hey Tosan!!! OMG, you won't believe my day. It was tiring! Mommy brought me all around town to play with my friends and she brought me on that bus-thing. It's no fun because I can't run around and bother all the passengers...chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter...Hey, Tosan! Have a look at all the books in the bookcase! Can you read this to me? And this? And this? One page from each is good enough. I get the idea. 

God, my eyes are getting heavy. SCREECH!!!! I need a BOTTLE!!!! It's time for bed (even though it's still light outside). Ahhhh....this is good stuff, this formula thing. It takes really good and....zzzzzzz.

(Open eye slightly to check that all is safe and sound): Mommy and Tosan. You silly birds. You can't go to sleep at 7PM with me. Why don't we switch places? You go to bed at 7 and I'll stay up for a few more hours. I think Dr. House is on. Hand me the remote and let's get this party started!!

7 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Anonymous said...

I laughed through the whole thing....Mommmmmyyyyyyyy!
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I think I need a nap after reading this!
Love, Aunt Patty

thefukases said...

So so so true!!

Only we have the I want to do what Mummy's doing and not just play with these baby toys thing going too. :(

Christelle said...

Ugh. I'm tired enough already with my two and a half month old. Nao is older, but some of the thinking patterns are already so similar! Gokorosama Mama :) (I can't even hardly put sentences together on my own blog recently- I should try a Jonah-perspective post. It really is enlightening on how YOUR day goes and is entertaining rather than complainy. Looking forward to seeing more photos of the cute but demanding little Nao-chan.

Belinda Herod said...

Man, she sounds like a total livewire! Darcy is nonstop during his awake times, but he does sleep 11-12 hrs per night and have a 3 hr nap each afternoon, so I don't get very frazzled.

Hey - i want to see house photos!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

wow, this really makes me want to have children...(pause)...NOT! LOL Love ya Chrissy. ---Kenny

gaijin wife said...

This was good - and so what my two (at two and a half and nearly one) are like. Somebody told me yesterday that it doesn't ease up until they turn about five. Damn. Am going to need copious amounts of vino and perhaps some tranquillizers (family pack) to last me through the next three years.


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