Sunday, September 28, 2008

Creepy, crawly

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 9/28/2008
The day starts out like any other. The Pinglet wakes up before 5AM for the day (yes, you read that correctly), and welcomes a stumbling Ping and I to her new swinging single pad. She likes to greet us with a shrill shriek just to make sure that we've heard her.

After breakfast, we like to go outside for a "walk," which means that I either attempt to steer the Pinglet in one direction and she runs willy-nilly around the yard/street/park. It usually ends ugly, with me carrying her like a football back into the house, while she makes her displeasure known.

I usually have to take her into the house because of the bugs. Or more precisely, the prehistoric animals that have turned our new place into a smaller version of Jurassic Park. I grew up in the suburbs so I'm familiar with all varieties of bugs, creepy crawlies, and other specimens that one should steer clear of, but I have NEVER in all my ...-years, seen the beasties that have turned my yard into their own personal playground. I saw a "bee" the other day, which was the size of my palm and some other unidentifiable bug that had me running for the safety of my air-conditioned, screened in, unbreakable glass door house.

I usually end up running back towards the house, with a very confused and yelling Pinglet on my hip. I run in circles to confuse the insects, which I'm sure amuses my neighbors who are learning more than they ever wanted about life with the token foreign wife. They'll learn a lot more in October when I spring Halloween on them. 

I have photos of our new place up at Flickr. Email me if you want to see them!

4 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

gaijin wife said...

Ok, reading blogs is so much more fun when you have met the characters !!

Thank you for today. Was nice to meet you both - and very sorry for our hasty exit. I had Marina in mind only and somehow managed to leave without saying thankyou and goodbye to anyone!! gomen!

Our nearest station is USA - which is probably about ten minutes from Rachels stations. Station is forty minutes from our rural oasis (ahem) but we would love to have you any time - bar December and Janauary, in which case you would have to be entertained by hub, who can only talk pachinko, and granny K - who could probably only tell you how to knit a nice maroon and brown vest.

Hope we get to see you again soon

Katy, Shou and Marina

Anonymous said...

love the pictures of the house....will love it even more when we visit!
love mom

thefukases said...

ooooh bugs Don't you wish they gave out books at the airport on which ones are scary and which ones just look scary? And is it just me or is everything the on steroids version over here???

Danielle said...

Do you know what to do with all of that space? The house looks great - sorry to hear about the bugs outside - sounds like you are handling them well though. Not sure that I would have such a good sense of humor about them - bugs turn me into a girly girl. And you know that is usually not me. I loved all the notes on your pictures too - thank you for posting! Love Dan


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