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Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 8/05/2008
My, oh my...yesterday was quite the costly day for me. I've been taking the Pinglet out a lot during the day because she's decided that she only needs to nap once a day (even though I was more than happy to nap throughout the day with her when necessary). Unfortunately, even though she's made that executive decision, she's quite squiffy when she gets to her witching hour, which pretty much lasts morning, noon, and night. I'm told by the powers that be--Mom and Dad--that this is a stage, as everything is a stage, and that she'll eventually be happy again with only one nap. After which, of course, she'll decide that she doesn't want to nap at all and we start the whole, cruel cycle all over again. But I digress.

In my little city, there's a nice outdoor mall which has fountains that kids can play in. These fountains weren't originally open for kids to play in--in fact, they were roped off so you could look, but not touch--but they gave up at some point.

I brought the Pinglet there the other day and she was All.Over.The.Place., running around with kids about 100 times her size, and not noticing or caring that she was this tiny, little midget that could get squashed like a bug at any moment.

When we went to the fountain the first time, I didn't bring anything with me so she ended up going in the fountain in just a diaper, as compared to the other kids who were attired appropriately for playtime in designer bathing suits and big fluffy towels.

I had to dry the Pinglet off with a handkerchief the size of my palm, which, I'm sure was completely appalling to many a Japanese mother who prepared little kits for their kids and included towels, change of clothes, and probably a full-course meal or two. Homemade, of course. None of that commercial crap for their little emperors and empresses. The he Pinglet is lucky to get a banana at snack time.

The other day, I went to the fountains again with the express purpose of letting her splash around and cajole her out of her pissy mood. For all intents and purposes, I was a Japanese mother. I had the Pinglet's kit all ready for an afternoon of playing in the water. I was all set.

When we arrived, I discovered that the little kids' fountain was covered up because an event was going on. I decided to leave and cool off in the nearby department store, but I mistakenly went past the bigger fountain, where the older kids like to run around and play (That little detour will never happen again, let me tell you.) The Pinglet was STRAINING at the straps of her stroller and whimpering to be let out so she could run free.

And this is where the story goes bad.

I let her out because listening to her whimper was too pathetic for words. The squeal of joy when her feet touched ground made many a person in the vicinity laugh. Except for me because I came to the realization that she wasn't going to be able to go in the fountain herself and that the only person around who could take on the job was wearing my shoes. Which meant that I had to go into the fountain with her, fully clothed, and naturally, wearing a white tee-shirt.

I ran around with her in the sprinklers, going here and there because she's just discovered that she is able to change direction whenever she feels like it. We would be going in one direction and then BAM! She would race in another direction, leaving me to negotiate my way around to get wherever she was.

I got completely soaked. No, that doesn't give a good enough picture. I looked like I had taken a bath fully clothed, and then jumped--still fully clothed--into the nearby river, and then gotten back into the bath again, still wearing the same clothes. And of course, I was the only adult in the fountain because the majority of Japanese children I've seen sit quietly in their strollers and watch the festivities.

I debated what to do about my clothes now that I was out of the fountain, because although I brought a change of clothes for the Pinglet, I didn't have anything for myself...not a towel, not a shirt, not a single piece of cloth to cover my now oh-so-noticable chest.

When what to my wondering eye did appear, but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer...um, not reindeer...the Gap. Due to my large size generous proportions, I wasn't holding out too much hope of finding something acceptable to wear, but miraculously, big clothes seem to be in at the moment and I left the store with my wallet considerably lighter, sporting a lightweight shirt that just about covered my shorts that were dripping water as I walked.

When Ping came home later that night and took a bath with the Pinglet, I heard him calling me to come see something. This is what I found:

She completely passed during her bath out from all the excitement of the day's festivities. So while my wallet may not survive the arrival of my credit card, it couldn't have been a more perfect day.

3 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

marianne said...


And that is the cutest photo of her fast asleep in the bath.

Lulu said...

That is hilarious!!! I can just imagine it!

The last photo is so adorable!

coarse gold girl said...

That is a wonderful picture of her in the bath! (I love the pics of naked daddies in the ofuro with naked babies here in Japan--can you imagine if this were America?)

She is such a spunky, inquisitive, active and ADORABLE little girl!

And you roll with the phases very gracefully! (I fruitlessly faught them.)



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