Sunday, August 24, 2008

She strikes again!

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 8/24/2008

Synchronized swimming, originally uploaded by aurora94.

I can only wonder what goes on behind such a cute expression.

Tonight, we went to a restaurant that I haven't been to for a year or so. It was one of mine and Ping's favorite Italian places but is pretty far from where we live (and will be even farther when we move on THURSDAY and OMG, I'm not even packed, what am I going to do, tried to pack the other day and the Pinglet kept removing things from the packed boxes and climbing into them, I, I, I...*slap!*).

The Pinglet was behaving herself beautifully. This was due, mainly, to the fact that I had her exercise herself to the point of exhaustion, encouraging her to--yes, darling, climb up the slide 40 or 50 times! It's fun!--work out her little muscles so that she would sleep at night (yes, we're back to the non-sleeping portion of the program again! And no, Mommy's not happy. But I digress.)

She was sitting calmly, eating her dinner, and Ping and I only had to eat in turns towards the end of the meal when she had Had.Enough. of watching us chow down on bruschetta, risotto, pasta, ice cream and cheesecake. Especially considering that her meal consisted of dried sardines mixed with rice. Mmmmm...De.Li.Ci.Ous.

While Ping was finishing up his dessert, I decided to take the Pinglet outside for a fresh breath of air. And that is when the unthinkable happened.

She pooped.

While her diaper had shifted to one side.

And didn't cover her butt.

And resulted in poo patties on the floor of the restaurant, like a little path to the front door.

And upon discovery of this...this...this predicament, I try to hold the Pinglet parallel because my first priority is not to get anything on myself (That's right, I'm in the running for Mother of the Year!), and step in said poo patties, thereby sliding across the floor and enlarging the radioactive area.

I check to see if anyone's noticed and the thought of making a run for it goes through my mind. Briefly. Because I remember that Ping is waiting at the table for me to return and he also has the diaper bag, which I am very much in need of at the moment.

I decide to face up to the digusting mess the Pinglet has just made (leaving out any blame of myself, of course) and ask the waitress for some paper towels to clean up the floor. This being Japan, she gets down on the floor with me, tells me that she'll clean it up, and proceeds to wipe up my daughter's poop from their pristine floor.

I've gotten very good at apologizing for many things since the Pinglet arrived on the world scene. I don't think any amount of bowing and scraping will ever take the stigma of being the "It's the Poop Lady, Don't Let Her Back in Our Restaurant Ever Again" away.

It might take me another year to be able to show my face there again. That is, if they decide to let me in.

6 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Tigermama said...

LOL! And I CAN laugh because the EXACT same thing happened to me with my ds when he was about the same age. It was horrifying at the time but I can laugh now. Don`t worry, your pinglet is so cute that they will welcome you back with open arms! :)

Lulu said...

OMG! This story had me in stiches! You told it so well!

Unlike tigermama I haven`t had the same experience but honestly, I think you can be thankful that it wasn`t diarrea (sp?)

She looks adorable in the pool- she is growing up so fast!!!

Good luck with the move and the packing!

Gina said...

LOL! That restaurant/poo story, was/is hilarious! I think you told it so well too! : )

Good luck with your packing and moving!!! : )

Sara said...

OMG what a traumatic event!!! Gahh.. I'm glad that it wasn't brought one comedy level further by someone slipping and sliding around on it!!!

Good luck with you moving, and look at the head of hair on that girl!! Wow!!! Too cute!

coarse gold girl said...

LOL. Up until this moment I had forgotten just how many restuarants we had to "stop going to" because of things DD1 did. Mostly she was REALLY good at breaking glass objects. Thankfully, she never hurt herself or anyone else--but the terrifically loud CRASHING NOISE. . .everyone turning to see who had done it. . .That and she just plain loved to get under the table and scream her head off, I mean as though she was possessed.

She never did bomber poop though. . . which actually, seems much more innocent and forgivable, although, er um, unappetizing.


Anonymous said...

That will definitely go down as one of the classic family stories!
Love Mom


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