Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy bees or the "Return of the Exorcist" (read at your own risk!)

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 6/29/2008
It's been a looooooonnnnnnnggggg week, starting off with the return of my little "Happy Vomiter".

On Friday (the 13th, if you can believe it), I had taken the Pinglet with me to her weekly playgroup at the clinic where she was born. She was playing around with her little friends--well, playing alongside her friends, while they all ignored each other--and I was chatting with one of the midwives about how she only has a few more times to come to the playgroup before she "graduates" (The playgroup is only for babies up to one year.) We got onto the subject of the Pinglet's surgery and how she used to vomit all the time. I proudly told her that the Pinglet hadn't vomited since January. Just as the words left my mouth, I feel a gush...a GUSH of vomit go down my shoulder and into my bra. I went into shock as this happened again three more times. People were wiping me down, wiping the Pinglet down (although she managed to keep herself completely clean...a left-over talent from when she used to vomit 40 times a day, and no, I'm not kidding about the "40 times a day" thing), asking me if I had a change of clothes for myself (huh?). It was pandemonium.

After all this drama--and me smelling less than fragrant--the Pinglet turned and smiled at everyone. She ended up getting a pretty high fever later that night (39.5 degrees) and was "diagnosed" as having a natsukaze (summer cold). Huh. Maybe I should get a medical license.

She is well on her way to recovery and is now running around the house. She has her own little shoes to wear outside (this being Japan and all that), but I also let her practice in the house...that'll be our little secret, OK? No need to tell her Dad that she wears her outside shoes indoors. The horror!

1 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Sara said...

Ack!!!! Sounds like you almost ate your words (eww - maybe thats not a good analogy)

Hope the little Pinglet is back to her genki and fiesty self ASAP!!


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