Friday, April 11, 2008

Laughter and love

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 4/11/2008
Today, while I was feeding the Pinglet, she started to laugh when she was drinking from her bottle. Little giggles here and there. About what, I have no idea, but it made me laugh too.

She loves her food. When she first started solids, she used to go, "mmm, MMMM, MMMMM" after every mouthful. Now all she tries to do is launch herself out of her seat while I try to direct food into her mouth. She usually needs a major hose-down afterward...looks like I'm following in my mother's footsteps

I've been busy recently with my translation work. I still don't have a good schedule down and the 11PM starting time is still in place. It usually works out OK, but when something pops up to disturb that fine balance--such as last weekend when the Pinglet and I came down with fevers that put us out for 3 days--I have to pull all-nighters. My goddess, the last time I had to pull an all-nighter was when I was trying to cram in all the notes from an entire semester of macro-economics classes that I had never attended. A crash course in the theories of supply and demand. Pulling all-nighters when I was a college student obsessed with going out and partying was fine then, but it's not really all that fun when you're a 30-something.

College was an eye-opener for me. I went to a well-known private school in New York, where friends made fun of my "accent" (put into quotations because no one ever thinks of themselves as having an accent, do they?) I remember my roommate, who is still one of my best friends from uni, trying to decipher what I was saying when I told her to check one of the drawers for a sweater (of course, "drawer" being pronounced "drAWWWWWR" where I'm from.)

I had to change my "accent" when I came to Japan because I didn't sound like the tape recorders they used in classrooms to teach English to the junior high school students. Thankfully, I had already had training from my college friends so was able to disguise my New York roots, before they had a classroom of kids saying "drawwwwwwr" and "dawwwg," instead of just "doroaa" and "dogu".

Ping speaks with a New York accent. It's fantastic to hear my voice come out of his mouth sometimes. I can't wait to see what a mix of Japanglish the little Pinglet ends up speaking. Will she speak with the sweet tones of her Japanese father? Or will her speech be peppered with the curse words that her American mother can't seem to cull from her daily conversation? Stay tuned...

1 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Belinda Herod said...

I guess I just assumed you had the typical NY accent - no???

WHo do you translate for? It is businesses? Govt? I'd love to hear more about it :)

- Belinda


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