Saturday, March 29, 2008

On my honor, I will try...

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 3/29/2008
In between changing my clothes because a certain someone who shall remain nameless decided that my shirt made a good hankie to wipe her nose on, followed by using my pants as her own personal toilet when I was changing her diaper, I had a chance to talk to my sister who is going away this weekend with her daughter on an overnight Girl Scout Jamboree.

She didn't sound very enthusiastic about the idea, mostly due to the fact that it had snowed the night before and all meals were going to be cooked outside over a fire, never mind that the bathrooms are all outhouses. Just like in Little House on the Prairie--which I'm watching at the moment on loan from my parents--but made even worse because we do have the technology that allows us to take our bathroom breaks inside. 

The Girl Scouts have been on my mind recently, most likely due to the sales of their cookies, a time for rejoicing. My 6-year-old niece pitched to me over the phone and was so good that I was compelled to take out my wallet right there and then and buy two boxes. Well, my father was compelled to take out his wallet and pay for them because he was there visiting. I wanted to buy more, but Dad didn't have enough to cover the five boxes that I actually wanted to buy. Plus, I have no self-control and the five boxes would have been gone in as many hours. I'm anxiously awaiting my Thin Mints and Tagalongs. Mmm, mmm, mmm. And don't for a minute think that Ping is going to get any of them. I may keep this little piece of news to myself.

I was a Girl Scout when I was little. I think I made it up to a Cadette, although by that time, I was itching to get out of it. I remember the yearly ceremonies at the Elks Club when you moved up a rank (you got to walk over a little bridge and get a new sash), but mostly I remember it because you could get all the ziti you wanted, plus tri-colored ice-cream for dessert. I also remember being a little zealous in trying to get badges because I was an annoying little snot very competitive. Something that hasn't changed in my old age, except I try to keep my badge search to myself. 

One of the highlights of Girl Scouting was the overnight camp-out. I was obviously very geographically challenged when I was younger because I thought that the camp was located in another state, it felt so far away. After I learned how to drive, I realized that it was 20 minutes from my house. A lifetime away when you're looking forward to roughing it for the weekend.

One year, there was a catepillar infestation the weekend of the annual camp-out. I remember that because the camp-out was in the woods, which were filled with them and other such disgusting specimens of the animal kingdom (pause for shivers). I have no memory of whatever went on that weekend, except that a catepillar dropped from the ceiling onto my sleeping bag and ended any thoughts of closing my eyes again that night. Try singing Girl Scout songs on no sleep. Actually, I could try that now, considering that I have my very own "catepillar" in my house who is keeping me awake.

At least my sister won't have to worry about insect infestations this weekend. Cold, blizzards, and frostbite on her nether regions from visiting the outhouse--yes--but at least the bedbugs won't be biting.

5 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Gina said...

Awesome post! Cool to hear that you were and now your niece is a Girl Scout!!! : ) I have never been a girl scout, but I always, always used to buy those cookies every year. Didn't matter if they knocked on my parents front door, we'd buy the cookies. Or if we ran to the store and they had a cute little table selling cookies out front of the store. We'd buy more! My favorites were the thin mints and the Samoas (the ones with the coconut and the choco stripes, lol)
: ) I think because they were only available for a short time, is why we always stocked up on a few boxes of them, ha ha ha. : )

Have a good weekend! : )

Christelle said...

I never made it past brownies, but that was because for some reason I didn't like guides. I only remember "flying up" from a tweeny to a brownie and hating Wednesdays (because of brownies). Always loved the cookies- but I don't know the ones you're talking about- we only had the vanilla (yum) and chocolate ones. I hear the quality has gone downhill somewhat but it's been eons since I've had any. My cousin made it all the way up to Ranger. I think the names might be different in Canada and the States.

Anyways, I also just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your writing! (Full of compliments recently aren't I?)

Christelle said...

Duh, yes the names are different Scouts versus Guides. And we actually used to sing God Save the Queen!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

On my one and only Girl Guide Camping Trip, a big pot of soup was accidentally dumped on my lap. Yes, it was straight from the stove and we were about to eat. The leaders freaked out and tore off all my clothes (in front of everybody) and rushed me to the showers. Amazingly, I wasn't injured but my pride took quite a beating. We had just moved to that city a few months earlier and mom had thought joining the Girl Guides would help me make friends faster. It didn't really work out that way. Fortunately she took compassion on me and let me quit instead of making me stick it out. That incident is one of those embaressing moments that pops up when I think about my childhood.

Good times!

Anonymous said...

I stocked up on the Girl Scout cookies, because come June, when everyone else is wondering why girl scouts can't sell girl scout cookies all year long, i shall have a nice somoa melting in my mouth! love ya, kenny


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