Thursday, November 1, 2007

Saved by the bell

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 11/01/2007
First, I wanted to thank you for all your supportive comments to my last post! It means a lot.

Well, the Pinglet is living a charmed life, that's for sure. In short, her surgery's been postponed because she came down with a cold in the bottom of the ninth (or the day before she was supposed to be hospitalized, in laymen's terms for those of us who don't follow baseball). We have to call the hospital when she is feeling better...probably next week or so.
After packing and hauling up five bags of her stuff to the pediatric surgery department, we had to turn around and schlep all that back down to the car with a sneezing, coughing, whining Pinglet after the doctor decided to cancel the surgery. It did cross my mind that this might be the Hail Mary (what's with all these sports metaphors today?) when the doctor would check her and declare that her hernia had miraculously disappeared. And, then I woke up.

She's looking much better than she did earlier today (see photo at left for proof) so I have to wonder if she somehow knew what was up. She's a bit too young to hold a thermometer up to the light to prove that she has a fever, but it does make me wonder what kinds of tricks she might have up her sleeve.
So in short, we have to reschedule the surgery for later this month. Back to regular posting until then!

2 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Sherry said...

Hope she feels better soon. Who would have thought that nasty cold that is going around would work to someone's advantage.

coarse gold girl said...

You know, for having a cold she is so darn cute! She looks so incredibly pleased with herself and thrilled/happy in that last photo. Put a big smile on my face to see it today. Hugs and cuddles till she's over this cold!

who did that "lets haul the house to the hospital and then back again" thing once when my eldest was scheduled to have her tonsils out but. . . .due to tonsilitus. . . her temperature was too high for them to admit her!


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