Saturday, November 3, 2007

Couch Potatoes, Unite!

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 11/03/2007
Now that I'm not constantly wiping the Pinglet's puke off my clothes, I'm starting to turn my attention to other things on my "to-do" list. This list includes things such as getting my taxes in order for this year, buying Christmas presents, reporting the Pinglet's birth to the consulate, etc. etc.

It also includes an item that strikes fear into the heart of every couch potato.

Start exercising.

When I got pregnant, I with joy in my heart regretfully cancelled my membership at the gym. Granted, I hadn't gone in a couple of months, but did do my part for the local economy by continuing to pay them. I once calculated how much it cost for me to take an aerobics class, based on the year's membership and how many times I had actually shown up for the class. It was a staggering number, something in the thousands of dollars mark. It's making me blush remembering how much money I wasted on hoping I could actually walk into a store in Japan and not be sent to the old ladies' section because they might have something that would fit me.

Being surrounded by paper-cut out dolls thin women in Japan--many of whom when pregnant, were wearing "maternity" clothes that wouldn't have even fit me when I was my normal weight--means that I can't go shopping. It's like being married: You can look, but you can't touch. The only things that I can buy in Japan are socks and shoes, so I have to figure out how to shop without being able to try anything on, or go around naked except for fabulous footwear. You can see my dilemma.

My exercise of choice is Pilates and I've progressed to getting the book I use to set up my exercises from the back room onto the coffee table. It hasn't been opened yet, but that's the next step. You have to ease back into these things, you know. When I brought the book out to the living room, where it's taken up permenant residency on the table, I crossed off "start exercising" on my to-do list. This wasn't actually true so I revised my list a bit, from "start exercising" to "find Pilates book." This made me feel better about crossing off that particular item from the list.

I figure that if I don't get around to opening the book before the end of the year, I can put it on my next to-do list. The mother of all lists: New Year's Resolutions. Then I have all of 2008 to get around to it.

2 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Sarah said...

Ahh I know how you feel .. and I don't even have the "i was growing a person for 9 months" excuse.

Its hard to be normal American size in the land of Yamato.

At least you can do the shoes.. Im just hoping that the next generation will get nice a plump off fastfood and that someday.. stores will carry a nice.. "normal" size. In the mean time, there is the dreaded excersize. Good luck and have fun!!

Cha-chan said...

Yes indeedy. I have been to the "old ladies" section. Terrible. And I even had to go to the "horrible hideously ugly big shoes" sections as well. Depressing.

It's almost equally depressing in Israel, except that I KNOW that most of the model-types at the gym have all bought their figures. At least mine was free!

Here's to normal!


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