Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Happy Vomiter

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 10/28/2007
Nao is a proud, card-carrying member of the Happy Vomiter club. I came across this term in a book called Baby Love and I can't think of a more picturesque term to describe her.

She would have days where she would spit up 30-40 times in a 24 hour period, which would have everyone in the general vicinity changing their clothes and looking for spare cloths to clean up faces/necks/hair/floors/couches/beds. She spit up everywhere. In our apartment (a given), in the car, at the doctor's office (although I can't fault her for that), on the train, in restaurants. The world was her toilet bowl. I especially loved when she would vomit in public because people would make comments that I assume they thought would be helpful, like, "Oh! She's spitting up!" They would look a bit confused when I wasn't immediately taking care of the problem by changing her clothes, for example. That's because I learned that the minute I did, she would spit up just as I got the new duds on her. This, of course, would be followed by a big gummy smile and I swear I could read her mind: "Look at the Mommy-person. She doesn't look very happy. This will make her laugh." Even Ping, who is completely besotted with his little girl, had to beg me to change her after she spit up on not one, but TWO changes of clothes that he had set out for her.

So, it's been a very stinky, smelly, gross three months.

And then, all of a sudden (October 22, 2007, for future reference), she stopped. Cold turkey. And life is fantastic! I never knew that there were people who didn't have back problems because they had to cart around the world's largest diaper bag, filled with 200 diaper cloths in case she decided to spew on the old woman next to us on the train.

Of course, I haven't gotten used to this new development so I tend to jump at every movement the Pinglet makes because I never know when the Vomiter will return. I figure I'll just enjoy it while it lasts and hope that one day, I too can be one of those mothers in the magazines that have clear eyes, great skin, lovely hair, and are spinning around with their babies in a field of flowers. I know you all look at them and think that they look like they have everything under control. The only thing I notice is that they have no puke stains on their clothes.

6 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Belinda said...

Wow that must have been SO frustrating!!! I didn't have a spitting up baby, so I have no idea what that would have been like! I"m so glad Nao has turned a corner now :)

Re "Baby Love" - isn't it the BEST? I"m assuming you're meaning the Australian one, by Robyn Barker? It's the only book I ever bothered buying and I'm soon going to buy the sequel - "The Mighty Toddler" .

Glad motherhood is going well for you! :-)

Sarah said...

My first child was a spitter-upper, too, and I changed her clothes at intervals (before naps, etc.) instead of just because they were spit-up on. I was shocked when my second baby didn't spit up hardly ever. *That* seemed weird to me.

I'm glad that she's over it, though. Japan is the land of picky Grandmas who like everything to be perfectly clean.

Granny said...

The Vomiter will probably not return. They seem to adjust eventually.

Of course you still have teething to look forward to so no guarantees.

dongurigal said...

What? We now and future moms don't look like those shiny magazine women spinning their babies in a field of flowers. We've been duped!

Glad to hear she's stopped vomitting. (Till uni then?)

Sherry said...

My first was a puker too. I had to throw most of her baby clothing away instead of passing it on because of the stains.

My son had the opposite situation. He was fond of poop bombs that went off like nuclear explosions resulting in everyone in the room having to change clothes and the walls having to be hosed down. I was scared to leave the house for 4 months.

Trust me, spit/vomit is better.

Cha-chan said...

I had a dream about Nao last night! She wasn't spitting up, but she wasn't sleeping either. You were frustrated and tired because she was just screaming all night and not sleeping. Then you gave her some orange juice and I noticed a big bucket of mikans. Your mom happened to be there, and I said maybe Nao wasn't sleeping because she was eating too many mikans.

Anyway, Nao proceded to sort of grow into a little girl over the course of about 20 seconds, and she toddled off toward the laundry room. There was another little kid with her, and you (and your mom, and I) were in hot pursuit. The kids got into the laundry machine and then they turned some dial, and then we realized that all the washing machines were hooked up to something much like those Japanese parking garages that are like ferris wheels. So, we were then trying to guess which way they went.

Interpretation: The Nao not sleeping bit is self-explanatory. The mikan part is because I have a very prolific mikan tree and all I've been eating is mikans for the past few days. The growing up in 20 seconds part is because I know Nao will be at least a "little girl" instead of a "baby" when I finally get to see her. And the parking garage part -- very Harry Potter-esque.


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