Wednesday, October 24, 2007

100 Things About Pinglet

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 10/24/2007
OK, it's not 100 things yet, but the list will be a work in progress.

1. When she was on the bottle, she ate like she was afraid we were never going to give her another bottle again.

2. She sqwaks like a parrot to get our attention: "Hey! Some food over here!" "Hey! Pick me up!" "Hey! Change me!" "Hey! Oh, you're there already. Nothing really, just wanted to test your reaction time. Not too shabby."

3. She pretends to be a quiet, well-behaved baby in front of strangers. People always tell me how good she is, how quiet. It's all I can do to keep a straight face, while the Pinglet studiously avoids my eyes.

4. She is very clear about her likes and dislikes and doesn't hesitate to let you know when she's not happy with whatever you're doing.

5. You MUST always be standing or walking. No slacking on the job or you will hear the wrath of the Pinglet.

6. Right after she was born, she was like a ravenous animal when she ate. So much so, that we nicknamed her "Raptor." She's outgrown this nickname, but sometimes you'll see a shadow of the Raptor cross her face before she can hide it.

7. Her other nicknames include: Wombat (because she had hairy ears!), Baby Beluga (because, well, it's fun to say), and Bo-bo-ton (because that was E7's nickname for her when she was enjoying her 24-hour womb service).

8. She's a Daddy's girl. When he comes home, she practially throws herself at him, saying, "I'm bored with Mommy. She's no fun. Feed me, cuddle me, sing me to sleep." And her Daddy acquieses, while Mommy goes to take a bath.

9. Right after she was born, it took about an hour to put her to sleep after she finished a bottle. Right after she went down, E7, my dad and I breathed a sigh of relief...that is until we saw her beady little eyes opening again from across the room 10 minutes later. Those eyes still strike fear in my heart when I see them open at the wrong time.

10. She whimpers already the moment we walk into the doctor's office. I'm sure she can smell that particular doctor's office smell (you know...rubbing alcohol, fear, etc.) and knows that whatever's going to happen can't be good. Reminds me a bit of someone I know.

11. She was a Happy Vomiter. No need to go into a detailed explanation of this, I'm sure.

12. She's been nicknamed the "Little Superhero" because when I was too tired to change her clothes after she spit up for the millionth time, I just stuck a handkerchief down her back because it was wet (I should be nominated--no, should win--the Mother of the Year award for this one). I have to find a good superhero name for her. Suggestions are welcome!

13. She's gotten over her addiction to slings and never really warmed up to her stroller. Now that she's completely mobile, I'm hoping she'll get over her addiction to wanting to be held All.The.Time. before the tendonitis in my hands, elbow and shoulder starts to move out towards the rest of my body.

14. She's earned the title of the worst sleeper in both our families. I'm not entirely sure I should be proud of this honor.

15. The Pinglet's had more surgery in her short life than I've had in my entire 30-some odd years. Hopefully, she won't remember it like I remember getting my tonsils out (see 100 things about Kuri, #7 and 8.)

16. She's got stamps in her passportS (plural!) already and an airline mileage account. The first time I went overseas was when I was 18. She's already showing promise with her reaction to jet lag, i.e. she doesn't care if it takes a month to get over.

17. (To jog my memory) She started crawling at 7 months and walked at 10 months.

18. The kids in the neighborhood know she's coming when they hear a high-pitched squeal and unintelligible sounds coming out of her mouth because she's so excited she can't even speak.

19. When she makes those unintelligible sounds, she sounds like a record being played backwards.

20. She started the terrible twos at 19 months. Not fair! Maybe they'll end earlier than expected...

2 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Erin said...

awww!!! PINGLET!! What a cute nickname! If it makes you feel better, babies generally prefer my husband to me too.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! I almost laughed out loud at work reading your list. You really have quite a way with words. hahaha..

Anyways Pinglet sounds so cute, and like quite a handful for you! But it seems like you and your husband are getting things somewhat under control. Funny how girls tend to love their daddies, I know I did too when I was little.

I'm looking forward to 11-100 as they come!!


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