Thursday, January 25, 2007

Over land and sea

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 1/25/2007
My instincts proved me wrong again today. I used to have such good instincts about people based on my first impressions but that particular talent has failed me in recent years.

Today, I was in a pretty good mood, even though I was on my way to work. I guess with only 37 days left in my Alice in Wonderland office, I'm starting to feel a bit charitable towards my coworkers.

Well, all that goodwill evaporated as I walked through the door and was faced with a crisis for an upcoming program that I'm planning in week. Since I can't go, I've been trying to put together a fool-proof plan so that the poor people who have to go in my place can get through the week with the least amount of pain.

Today's crisis (which is actually Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's crisis and one that I thought would have been solved by today), turned out to take up the better part of a day. I did not have kind words for the person who had put me in this situation (which amazingly wasn't anyone from my office, if you can believe it), but when all the dust settled, I found out that I had made a "friend" in a far-off country.

When E7 came to pick me up from work--which he's been doing every day since November, and let me tell you, it's totally awesome that I don't have to brave the (pretend) cold of Kyushu to get to the train--I told him the story about my new-found friendship, thinking he would be touched by the story.

Um, yeah, OK. He was so not impressed with my story. All he wanted to know was if he was going to have to meet up with them whenever we go traveling again, in keeping with my time-honored tradition of springing new friends on him.

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