Friday, January 26, 2007

What do spring cleaning and polkas have in common?

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 1/26/2007
A few minutes ago, I sat down and wrote out a list. If you were peeking over my shoulder as I was writing, you might have seen the the words "drawers," "shoes," "taxes" and perhaps your curiosity got the better of you.

This list has been haunting me for the past couple of years. Yes, years...not weeks, not months. It's my "to do" list that never actually gets "to done" (yes, I know my grammar is terrible but I've been living in Japan for ages, there you have it.)

If you've ever visited my apartment, you would probably be impressed with the uncluttered shelves and wide open spaces that are free from a lot of the things you might see in a traditional Japanese apartment or house. Things such as gifts that you don't want and haven't had a chance to regift yet, or boxes of fresh vegetables piled up in corners because someone from the neighborhood had a bumper crop and decided to share the wealth with everyone.

There's none of that in our apartment, well, at least that would be visible to the naked eye. This might also be due to the fact that we don't cook so we wouldn't have any need for our friendly neighbor's veggies. But I digress.

Now, there are probably a lot of reasons why you might think we have a lovely uncluttered apartment, but they all would be very far off the mark. Why? Because you haven't looked in the C-L-O-S-E-T-S. The black holes of all apartment dwellers. This is why my to-do list looks more like a novel...our closets are out of control. I get brain freeze whenever I think about it.

But Mom will be saving the day. She'll be visiting in April and even though she said she would help clean out the closets with me, I am not sure if she understand the sheer enormity of the job before her, oops, I mean us.

Well, then again, this is the woman who found an accordian in my father's closet. And no, he doesn't play a mean polka, as far as I know, although maybe he's a card carrying member of the Closet Accordion Players of America. So I guess nothing much will shock her.

7 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

umeshu said...

My mother always used to say a clean house is overrated. You should see HER closets.

jean said...

I don't dare click on the link for fear of laughing so hard that I'll pee!

Erin said...

oh I hate taxes!! but I am the same way- I "clean" by finding cubby holes for things (I use our closets, underneath the bed, etc.)You know, it's funny about the grammer thing- my husband's spanish grammer is getting lost now that he's been in the US for so long!
By the way, I've only been able to visit with my Chilean family that one summer that I lived there (their winter) because traveling is so expensive and we can only afford for him to fly out. But we are going to try to move back there eventually- I want to have our children in Chile. And the altitude is very different! It was a hike! (and there was a train to that hill but he didn't tell me so that I would hike!!)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, Fibber McGee Japanese style?

Love, Aunt Patty

Mom said...

Never could resist a challenge!

Erin said...

I have a Japanese (if it's not Japanese tell me) potty training cartoon (not that I'm rushing you! you are only 14 weeks!!!) on my blog and I thought you and my other intercultural marriage friends would be interested!

kuri & ping said...'re right. You shouldn't click on the link! :) It's really quite funny and I can't for the life of me figure out if it is a joke or if there really is a group out there.


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