Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Today's letters are S&M...

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 7/04/2006
No, just kidding! Goodness, people...keep your hair on, alrighty?

I'm on the playground again and have been tagged by montchan in the snowy country of Sweden (although it's probably not cold right now, I'm sure it's loads better than the rainforest of Kyushu).

I'm supposed to come up with 10 things about myself that start with the letter "K". Totally no problem!


Right...just getting my fingers ready for some speed typing...

Oh, all right...this is a little harder than I thought (*Getting out the dictionary...and no, I'm not kidding*)

  1. Kalaidoscope: As in the "way I want I would look at life, seeing all the beautiful colors changing with a turn of the hand" (wow, that was pretty philosophical! Deep, man)
  2. Keeper: As in "she's a keeper"
  3. Kilo: As in, "gotta get my goals put down like MandeJ so I can start loosing those kilos"
  4. Kimono: As in "I wore a kimono when we got married in a Shinto shrine" (we're coming up on our 6th anniversary and 11th year of being together!

  5. Kind: As in "I've been told that I am quite a kind-hearted person" Ah-hem!
  6. Kismet: As in "Meeting E7 was kismet (unmei)"
  7. Kiss: As in "I've been told I'm a good kisser" *grin*
  8. Um, Kuri: As in my onscreen pen name
  9. Kitakyushu: As in my adopted home
  10. Kurokawa: As in my favorite hot spring town in Japan

That was really hard, montchan...better watch out for the next game of tag! *tee-hee*

6 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Gina said...

You look absolutely beautiful in your kimono with traditonal hair and makeup! : )

Gina said...

whoops I meant, traditional. : )

Granny said...

Than photo is lovely. Good job with a difficult letter. "G" for granny was much easier.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget you're a Knockout!
(Those silent letters will get you every time.)

Hugs, YFA

montchan said...

looking good in that kimono!!!
You're in KitaKyushu? I might be heading that way in December!

kuri & ping said...

Gina, Granny, montchan, thanks! I love that photo of us. We had such a good time. :)

My favorite aunt:), you're right! I did forget that I'm a knock-out. It's so very difficult to remember that. LOL Also, it wasn't in the English/Japanese dictionary I was looking at or I would have put it down! LOL

Montchan, I am indeed in Kitakyushu (20 minutes from Fukuoka by shinkansen)...if you're coming this way in December and I'm here before going on holidays, let's meet up! :)


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