Monday, July 3, 2006

Somehow the trade doesn't seem fair

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 7/03/2006
E7 and I have spent our entire weekend watching soccer. And when we weren't watching it, we were talking about it...when we woke up, during meals, in the's almost like being in Germany. Well, except everyone speaks Japanese.

Apologies to the non-soccer fans out there, but I am so enjoying this year's World Cup. I think it has to do with the fact that Japan got knocked out of contention so early so I don't actually have to watch footage of the team. They're not so bad, but they are definitely not at the same level as the Best 4--Germany, Italy, France, Portugal. Neither is the U.S. men's team, so don't think I'm only ragging on the Japanese team (Yes, my American readers...we actually do have a national soccer team that went to the World Cup! *giggle* The U.S. women's team is so much better, and probably could beat them, but I digress. )

Since I've played soccer for about 20 years...well, before my "retirement" at age 28 from the international men's team here in Kyushu, where I was the only female present...I really get into the games. I especially watch the defense because I spent my formative years as a sweeper, so I expound with quite some authority (um, yeah, OK) on that topic.

I saw the Absolute. Best. Game. Ever. the other night between Argentina and Germany. It was Fan!Tas!Tic! You have never seen a game with more passion, more guts, more skill on the part of both teams.

E7 and I have made a bet about the final ranking for this year...I think that he should pay for our trip to Italy in August if he loses. If I lose--which definitely won't happen--well, I guess I could buy him a bar of chocolate or something. It's a good trade.

Our predictions!
  • SEMI-FINAL (Germany/Italy): WINNER: Italy, REASON? I think Germany is the best team at this time but they are completely exhausted from their match with Argentina. Italy has had a pretty easy time of it compared to some of the teams getting to the Final 4. Ping says that Germany will have enough heart to overcome their physical exhaustion to win this match.
  • SEMI-FINAL (Portugal/France): WINNER: France, REASON? I think Portugal has been pretty luck to get where they are. They struggled so much in their game against England. France looked great against Brazil. Ping and I agree on this one.
  • FINAL (Italy/France): WINNER: Italy REASON? Even though I would prefer France to win because I like their playing style, I think that Italy will be more aggressive in front of the goal. Italy's defense is also so world-class...but it could go either way! Ping thinks that the final will be between Germany and France, and that Germany will come out the winner.

So, which will it be? A trip to Italy for me in August, or a bar of chocolate for E7 after the final? Stay tuned! We will return to our regularly scheduled broadcast of "As the World Turns--Life of an International Couple" after the final game!

5 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

montchan said...

Oooh yeah! Everybody (including me) was betting on Germany vs. Brazil, but now, I DARE to dream!!! After yesterday's two miracles, anything is possible. I believe that Portugal's secret power comes from Ronaldo's super incredible eyelashes. The longest eyelashes this side of a Vegas drag show. And so who cares that he strikes for the OTHER team. He is still soooo bloody cute anyway!

So my dream: Portugal vs. Germany. Portugal wins.
In real world: France vs. Germany. Germany wins.

Granny said...

I don't dislike soccer; it's just never really caught on here. I don't know why that is. I'd rather see a cute soccer player wearing what they wear than a football player with all that padding.

Then again, I should be too old to care. Naw, not yet.

Thanks for the anniversary greetings.

Belinda said...

I hope you win your bet (and trip!) Christine!! How cool that would be :)

I have to say that our country was caught up in the World Cup fever, but we were robbed with a shocking refereeing decision which got Italy through when they really shouldn't have. So it's a very sore point with many over here. If it was fair and square it would be easier to accept a defeat, but I am appalled at some of the refereeing I have seen in the tournament & maybe I'm cynical but Italian soccer is wrought with underhandedness so I wasn't at all s urprised that they conveniently got thru against us. It's like the powers that be want the Top few teams through and will do whatever it takes (even if that means REALLY bad refereeing etc) to make that happen.

There are lots of jokes going around here at the moment re Italy and the bad calls in matches.

Anyway - rant over! I hope you win your bet :)

kuri & ping said...

montchan, LOL about Ronaldo on Portugal...I myself enjoy watching Totti. He's got the best eyes. :)

kuri & ping said...

Whoops! Hit send before I finished :)

Granny, I don't know why it hasn't caught on either...I mean, they ARE the best looking of the lot, don't you think? And, you're NEVER too old to care. LOL

Belinda, that's why I'm not rooting for ANY's so much more can look at the laddies, relax, and watch for good plays, rather than get annoyed. :) LOL


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