Saturday, July 8, 2006

Grandma, what big teeth you have...but what the hell*s up with your feet?

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 7/08/2006
Thanks for your lovely comments about my glam shot! There are two things that I like about my body: my eyes and my feet. I have great feet, which is probably good because I live in Japan, where people like to take off their shoes at all times of the day. In the genkan of the house, before the tatami room, for the bathroom, in the car, at name it.

If I could have gotten both my eyes and my feet in the picture, I would have been thrilled. Although in a bit in pain since I would have had to do some bizarre contortions to get them in the same frame.

So...feet. My feet are pretty fab, if I do say so, OK, I did already say that but I'm trying to get the point across, people. Now, while my feet could certainly end up on Top Model, they do have one weak point...they stink. I mean, really stink. This puts me at a great disadvantage in Japan since, as I've stated before, you have to take your shoes off everywhere you go. I've tried everything--powder, Dr. Schoals, sandels, even putting coins in my shoes. But nothing works. And no, there are no fungi sprouting between my toes (on the walls of my bathroom, yes, but that's from the rainy season and the mudslides from the CONSTANT rain here in Kyushu...but that's another subject for another time.)

When I was a kid, I used to torture my brothers and sisters with my "Pinching Feet of Death". I would use my feet to pinch them to get what I wanted if they were annoying the shit out of me. This worked very well, especially combined with the smell. Ah, lovely.

When I first met E7--well, I'm sure it was after I had known him for a while--I showed him my foot pinching talents. I knew he was the man for me, when he retaliated in kind! A fellow foot pincher! We got engaged later that day (no, just was at least a few days after that).

As my favorite aunt would say, "Hand's off ladies...he's all mine."

2 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Anonymous said...

I've arrived! I'm now being quoted internationally.
BTW, your feet? I've never actually noticed them....exactly what are the good points? Can you explain further?
Love ya (stinky feet & all)!
Aunt Patty

kuri & ping said...

Hey Aunt Pats! I don't want to post too much about my feet because the minute I put that info up, I've had people who sound like they have foot fetishes checking out this site. Suffice to say that they are pretty nice! :)


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