Monday, July 10, 2006

Fantasy Island

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 7/10/2006

I'M GOIN' TO ITALIA! Yes, my predictions in this year's World Cup have bought me a round-trip ticket to Venice and Florence this August with E7! *

While I am estactic that I've not only predicted the winning teams, but also the scores(!), I am extremely disappointed about the final. It was anti-climatic, dirty, and was possibly the saddest, most disgraceful exit I've ever seen a great player make.

So, now that the World Cup is over for another four years and Wimbledon is also over for another year, E7 and I don't have to pretend that we are listening to each other when we start getting all crazy about the matches. I can also get some sleep, which is definitely necessary since I spent most of my day today at work, trying to keep my temper at a simmer.

Today, Typhoon Ewiniar went past KitaQ, but didn't visit the area. We did get some strong winds, as witnessed by my skirt flying up and about as I tried to walk back from lunch. I don't mean that it just flew almost flew over my head. Maybe it did and I was able to give a thrill to the passing cars. I'm just hoping that it didn't. Come join me in fantasy land...we're having a party!

* Actually, we bought the tickets at the beginning of June...before I devised this little contest. *grin*

3 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Jess said...

*So* jealous of your trip! You'll have to take tons of pics for me. Italy is one of my fantasy vacay spots.

Wow, your powers of prediction are pretty awesome! :) Great job! I was pretty disappointed in Zidane that that was the way he ended his career. No matter what the guy said to him, it's too bad he had to go out like that. Also, I don't mind ending on PKs (kind of exciting for the average soccer fan) but I do think it's kind of sucky that France's keeper couldn't stop even ONE of the shots. Sure, Zidane and Henry could have been helpful, but you have to make at least ONE stop as goalie if you want to keep your team in it.

Long-winded for someone whose only starting to like soccer, eh? :)

Gina said...

A trip to Italy! That sounds awesome!!!: )

kuri & ping said...

Jess, that's totally awesome that you've gotten into soccer! The good thing about the WOrld Cup is that it IS only every four years...that way the excitement stays so high! :) Zidane was so disappointing...what an awful way to leave your career.

Gina, we're definitely looking forward to the trip to Italia! :)


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