Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Shout out to Kenny!

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 6/14/2006
My brother is a poet. Isn't that cool? Not only is he a poet, he's a published poet.

He just finished up his second book, Waterfalls in Autumn, which will be published this fall. He's also been going around doing readings in libraries, art centers, and even on the radio a couple of times.

His writing is absolutely beautiful...very powerful, personal, and goes right to the bone. Ken, E7 and I are proud of you!!!

4 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

montchan said...

Awesome about your brother! Poetry is a very intimidating thing, at least for me. And yep, Umea, Tokyo, NY, it sounds like some kind of fancy clothing label claim. But yes, we have lived in NYC, and more people know where Tokyo is than Utsunomiya. We also lived in Nara, in Iowa, and now here, in Umea. And I have lived in Osaka once upon a time, before I met The Man.
Thanks for adding me to you blogroll!

Narelle said...

I have the pleasure of owning Chris' brothers first book - it is fabulous!! Congrats on the second one.


Jess said...

I also have your brother's first book and he's a very talented writer. It's wonderful. :) Congratulations!

Jess said...

I also own your brother's book and it's wonderful! He's very talented! Congrats! :)


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