Friday, June 30, 2006

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 6/30/2006
The city where I live is trying to be a leader in recycling, and will start a stringent recycling program from next week. Which means that it will be more expensive to throw things away, so everyone has done a bit of spring cleaning this week. We're no exception.

I applaud the city's initiative in upgrading their recycling program since Ping actually went through his clothes/books/papers/piles-of-incomprehensible-documents-that-I-just-know-he -doesn't-need and threw things away. My pack-rat threw things he doesn't need/can't wear/can't-fit-in-because-he-is-10kg-heavier-than-he-was-in-high-school (Yes, he still has clothes from high school that he swears he can wear) away.

In the midst of this frenzy, I have frantically been trying to persuade my hair to grow. I had an...unfortunate...visit to my hairdresser, who must have forgotten who I was even though I've been going to her for 8 or 9 years. The woman who wields the scissors rocks the world (isn't that the saying? Rocks the cradle, wields the get my drift.)

I made the mistake of going to get my hair done when I couldn't see. This should have been my first clue to Steer. Clear. but apparently my head was filled with sugar-plum visions of me swishing my shiny hair just like they do in the commercials (you can see that I was completely delusional).

So there I am, sitting innocently and cluelessly in "The Chair," talking blithely to my hairdresser. "Oh yes, cut it short. The humidity is getting to it and making my head look like it's exploded, it's so big." "Short?" "Yes, short...well, you know, shorter than it is now."

Two hours later, I put my glasses back on to see what a great job she had done.

See these great pictures at Wikipedia, in particular the very vivid photo on the left hand side of the page? That is what I looked like. A mushroom. There is no other way to describe the horrific haircut that she gave me. I had no idea what came over her.

As I strangled out a "looks great, thanks, gotta go," I raced home to see what I could do to salvage the situation. I tried hair gel, hair oil, blowdrying it, leaving it to air dry, clipping it. I even considered shaving my entire head, but got a hold of myself before I could find E7's razor. There was nothing I could do. I know exactly what my mom would say if she saw me. "It'll grow." Those words strike terror into every child's heart. It's your mom's way of saying that you have the worst haircut she's ever seen but she doesn't want to give you a complex by saying so.

Did E7 notice the haircut when I got home, you ask? Oh yes...and his reaction? "It'll grow."

I was hoping that my hairdresser had saved some of my hair and was throwing it away this week before the new recycling laws. I could have glued some of them to my head until it grows in.

10 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Anonymous said...

I would have preferred to see pictures of the actual haircut :) Sorry to hear about your experience at the salon. I doubt that you will find this very consoling but I am pretty sure that EVERY girl out there has had that experience - myself included. And I didn't have the excuse of 20-800 vision! - Danielle

Granny said...

You kinow the difference between a good and a bad haircut? Two weeks. (Or with women maybe a month).

You just thought you were commenting on the blog. That post is 8 days old and the only thing we can get visible. It was copied from google.

It's better than nothing though. I didn't even know anyone could do that.

Granny said...

And, as of an hour or so ago, Ray back in hospital - again.

I'm feeling a bit verklempt too.


kuri & ping said...

Dan, there is NO way that I will post a picture of my head. Not at least until a month has gone by. :) How is the packing going BTW?

Granny, it's going to take about 1-2 months before I can show my head in public...hope Ray is doing OK!!!

Jess said...

Grow, hair, grow!! We've all been there, hang in there. ;)

Gina said...

Ouch, I've been there before too! Most of my haircuts in Japan come out fine. But one time, I went to a different salon and I asked them to cut my hair, all one length in a shoulder length bob. And the lady cut my hair to ear length instead! Yikes! I didn't notice it, since she started at the back! I was in such shock! I went home and cried!

Mine took about 3 month's to even look somewhat normal! : )

I'm hoping your hair will grow super fast! : )

montchan said...

don't feel bad! here the only thing they know hoe to cut is a euro-mullet, regardless of what you ask them to do. And trust me, ANYTHING is better than a euro-mullet.

I refuse to get haircuts in Sweden, they cost a fortune (about 70 bucks for a student haircutter) and they are hideous. So I only get them when I'm in the States or Japan, which is 2 cuts a year.

And yes, it will grow. Spike it up and you'll be the most stylish person in your 'hood.

kuri & ping said...

Jess, yes it's growing...slowly but surely.

Gina, I think my hair is going to take about 3 months to grow back in. *sigh* I actually ran into my hairdresser on the street the other day...I think she was wondering why my hair was all pulled back, when I had just gotten it done.

montchan, what is a euro-mullet? LOL I used to not get my hair cut in Japan and would get it done when I went back to the U.S. but necessity has me going to the hairdressers here now. She's always done a good job...I guess she was having a bad day. Oh, spikes...Um, yeah, I don't think that's my style. LOLOLOL

montchan said...

You've inspired me. Euro-mullet deserves an entry of its own. Tomorrow I am going downtown, and I plan to stop random strangers and take pictures of their hair. Just for you! After seeing what it is, you will be soooo happy with your haircut. I guarantee it!

kuri & ping said...

Looking forward to it! I'll be checking your blog religiously. :)


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