Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memory, that old fickle fiend

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 5/31/2006
E7 has been struck down with a double ear infection. Isn't that sad? He's getting a little better now and is even back to his old self a bit, showing me what the Penguin looked like in Batman II. A movie that I've never seen. But he was really into the role yesterday, with his pajama pants pulled up to his chest and flapping his arms around. Convincing, but yet the performance lacked that little... je ne sais quoi.

This morning as I was lying comfy in bed and he was leaving for work, I tried to ask how his ear was doing. I am not a morning person, which sometimes manifests itself in the form of "woman who speaks in tongues", like so:

Me (mumbling): Mimi? Mimi? Mimi? Mimi? (FYI, "mimi" means ear in Japanese. What I thought I was saying was, "Mimi wa dou? Daijyobu? How's your ear? You OK?")

And E7, thinking that I wanted him to kiss my ear, starts doing just that. While in my sleep-induced fog, I remember wondering what he was doing, so I continued to mumble, "Mimi? mimi?" like a parrot on speed, thinking that he would soon figure out what I was saying. But nothing doing.

Thank God my ears are doing fine. Of course, every time someone's sick, I have to turn the story around to me. It's nearly impossible for me to be sympathetic for anyone because, frankly, I am all into turning the sympathy back towards myself.

Case in point:

E7 (sucking air through his teeth to express pain): God, my ear really hurts. It hurts when I eat, if I put my head in this position, when I walk around...

Me: Remember when I had an ear infection about 3 years ago?

E7: ....

See? There's no connection between our conversations. Kind of like Venus and Mars on the same planet.

My father will appreciate this story because when I was a kid and anyone in our family was sick--and because there were five of us, someone was sick pretty much all the time--I had to remind one and all about the time when I had the same thing. ("Dad, remember when I threw up? Remember? Remember?")

It was surprising that not only did E7 not remember that I had an ear infection; he then proceeded to continue to feel sorry for himself.

He's doing much better now though. I can tell because baseball has been on NON.STOP. The channel surfing that goes on in E7's search for any game is enough to make my own head spin.

I think I must be coming down with something. Hey Ping! Remember whennnnnnnn.....???

9 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Andrea said...

hehe you crack me up. lol

Granny said...

Funny. The girls get into "can you top this" all the time. If one has a bruise, the next just knows she had a sprain and the third starts hopping on one foot.

Or they compare their hospital and emergency room visits.

Anonymous said...

The only time I ever fainted was when I was a child...and it was from the pain of an abcessed ear!
(Top that one, ha!)
P.S. I don't even have to sign this, Chrissy, you know who it is.

kuri & ping said...

God, AUNT PAT, I can't figure out who the anonomyous person is writing on my blog. You are definitely the only one who would top me. LOL

Granny, if I had any hospital visits to compare with, I would certainly be using them. LOL

Expat Traveler said...

I'm right there with andrea!

umeshu said...

Mimi mimi sounds like Me, me, me, me! Irony or intention???



guess who said...

It's always an adventure trying to guess who'll have the better story....sister or daughter.

medea said...

Poor guy. Hope you're taking good care of him so he can return the favour when it's your turn!

kuri & ping said...

Umeshu: you're does sound like "me, me"! LOL

I wonder who is the "guess who?" LOL

medea: you're right...I'm stocking up on all my favors and will cash them in at the right moment. :)


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