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Whachu tawlking 'bout Willis?

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 3/02/2006
Do you remember Arnold from Different Strokes? If you are from my era, you probably do.

I love listening and learning about different dialects around the world. Of course, it has to be a language that I somewhat understand (English, Japanese, or French), but listening and learning a new dialect is kind of like taking a foray into another world.

In Kyushu, people speak in...well, the Kyushu dialect (Kyushu-ben). But even within this dialect, there are local dialects (such as in Kagoshima) that are indecipherable to people who are not familiar with the language.

In Kitakyushu and Fukuoka, people speak in Hakata-ben:

"Ano sa, sugu iku kke, kon de ii yon." (Standard dialect: "Ano ne, sugu iku kara, konakute ii yo," which means "OK, I'll be going there in a second so you don't have to come here.")

My first foray into the land of Kyushu-ben (Kyushu dialect) was a few years after I met E7. He had always been careful to speak standard Japanese with me but when he talked to his friends or family, I would hear all these strange sounding words come out of his mouth. Some examples:

(Standard Japanese = Kyushu ben)

Shitteiru? (Do you know?) = Shittou?
Suru (Do something) = Shiyoru
Shiranai yo (I don't know) = Shiranccha
Asobou (Let's play!) = Asoban no?
Deshou (Don't you think?) = Yokarou
Totteimasu (To take) = Tottouto
Shinakute ii (Don't have to do something) = Sen de ii
Futon o katasu (Put away the futon) = Futon o naosu
Nani shiteiru no? (What are you doing?) = Nan shiyon?
Urusaii! (You're too loud!) = Shaashi!

Kyushu-ben is not as pronounced as, say, Osaka-ben or Kagoshima-ben, but it does have it's own special characteristics. Even though I learned standard Japanese (Tokyo dialect) in college, I've noticed that after 12 years here, Kyushu-ben has made its way into my speaking style. This usually works out fine, except for when I have to travel to Tokyo and give presentations in Japanese. Inevitably, I start speaking in Kyushu-ben to the delight of my audience.

Last night, I told E7 (in Kyushu-ben of course!), that I was planning to clean out our "walk-in closet" this weekend. So he proceeded to make plans for us to go away to Huis Ten Bosch instead. This is not helpful to someone who is a procrastinator to begin with.

I was looking for inspiration last night to get myself reved up to tackle that room and came across Fly Lady. I know of so many people who swear by her methods so I thought that she might be able to focus my mind on the task ahead.

I was enjoying her site and came across a section called "How to Declutter". I definitely thought that I could do this, but then I saw one of her "rules":

Start at the entrance to the room: Then, work your way around the room clockwise. Do not skip a spot. Whatever happens to be next, just do it.

This is just not going to work for me. Why? Well, the closet is the first thing I come across after I enter the door. Maybe since I'm near to the southern hemisphere I can work counterclock-wise? Either way, nothing is getting done this weekend because my (wonderful, wonderful, wonderful) hubbie is whisking me away to a lovely weekend hideaway! Excellent.

3 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Mande's J-Life said...

You could work your way clock-wise around the walk-in closet. Or from left to right. That's what I would do.

fan said...

I think you can handle
hard situations in japan by speaking such your Kyushu ben.
It sounds so lovlery when I hear Gaijin/Hakujin speaks in japanese dialects.

As you know..

(Standard Japanese = Kyushu ben = Osaka ben)

Shitteiru? (Do you know?) = Shittou? = Donai?

Suru (Do something) = Shiyoru = Yaru

Shiranai yo (I don't know) = Shiranccha = Wkaran

Asobou (Let's play!) = Asoban no? = Asoba hen?

Deshou (Don't you think?) = Yokarou = Yanka

Totteimasu (To take) = Tottouto = Morotoru de

Shinakute ii (Don't have to do something) = Sen de ii = Mou ee

Futon o katasu (Put away the futon) = Futon o naosu = Futon o shimau

Nani shiteiru no? (What are you doing?) = Nan shiyon? = Nani yatsuterun?

Urusaii! (You're too loud!) = Shaashi! = Jyagahii !

Cari said...

Have tried to post this x3 but blogger's been posessed. Short version, Osaka-ben gets all the flak but I found Kagoshima-ben even more unintelligible, though that had to d with exposure as well. I'm so used to Osaka-ben that it's normal to me...


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