Thursday, March 2, 2006 gotta love 'em!

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 3/02/2006
My brother is currently publishing his second(!) book of poetry called, "Waterfalls in Autum". I was privileged enough to get the only autographed manuscript in the world.

I mean, I am the oldest and am thus entitled to special treatment. *grin*

Megs sent me a card yesterday...just because. It was such a surprise to get something by the archaic method of snail mail, when all I do is write to people by email. It's nice to know that she took time out of her busy schedule to actually make a trip to the store to (1) buy the card, (2) write it out, and (3) get to the post office to mail it.

That's love. :)

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