Friday, February 3, 2006

Unbroken line of succession

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 2/03/2006
So what's going on in the Land of the Rising Sun this week? Well, there's the Toyoko Inn scandal, earthquakes, and as always, keeping us constantly guessing what new news will come up today--Livedoor Shock.

But there is a new bit of news from the top...the revision of the imperial succession law allowing females to ascend the throne. There have been a lot of concerns expressed by various lawmakers, who make it a policy to find issues that will get their names in the history books. They're uncanny like that.

Last night on the news, they were demonstrating the various problems put forth by some lawmakers, including this little chart they put together.

Right now, the fervor is on about the only child (Aiko) of the current crown prince and his wife. What lawmakers are saying is that the line of descent (on the Y chromosone) would be broken if Aiko got married and had a child. That basically, the royal family would then be descendants of a different line (Keep in mind that Aiko is about 4 years old right now.)

But, from what I know about Japanese history, there have been empresses over the past years. OK, very far in the past (I think there have been four). What about their line of descent?

The emperor is also said to be the direct descendent of Amaterasu, the sun goddess of Shinto and the mythical ancestor of the imperial family...who is traditionally regarded as female. And if this is the case, then there is no unbroken line (on the Y chromosone).

Do you ever think that we think too much?

4 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Andrea said...

did you read this?

Aso needs his mouth duck taped shut!
Did you read the link I had a couple of posts back about Aso and his creepiness?

And the whole marry a foreigner thing is just another case of anti gaijinism in this country. AUGH!

Fan said...

Doushite Nippon dake rekishi o kouteiteki ni mite ha dame nano? Sorejya..Haku-jin ha North/South of America Australia S.Africa Hawaii Fuji Siberia..kara Europe e zeninn Kaeranaito ikenai kotoni naruyo..Watashitachi ha gatsukou no rekishi no benkyou de chu-goku kara irorio na koto o mananda to naratsuta yo.....

medea said...

There are a lot of men in government/bureacracy who are wasting their time on this instead of trying to fix Japan's problems. Idiots!!!

illahee said...

i thought that, although there have been empresses, their sons didn't inherit the throne, maybe their half-brothers or nephews or something. still within the emperor's bloodline...


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