Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I "heart" you internet!

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 2/14/2006
So, it's Valentines Day. E7 and I don't celebrate Valentines Day for a number of reasons:
  1. Women have to give men chocolate and get nothing in return (or at least, they get nothing until March 14th, which is White Day...and it's not chocolate. It's some disgusting marshmellow-y thing or butter cookies. Um, why does the chocolate go to the men when it's the women who are the ones who want to eat it? A mystery of major proportions.)
  2. Every day is Valentine's Day in kuri and ping's house *birds singing* *flower petals falling*...No, I'm just kidding, it's almost like Valentines Day every day.
So, last night, I got around to buying some chocolate for E7 (read "me"...actually, anywhere from now, where you see E7's name, you can pretty much replace his name with mine.)

I went to Isetan in Kokura, which only gets my business on Valentines Day, since I can't purchase any of their clothes because they are made for people who are, well, thin. I guess that would be the word. (Uh, oh...tangent coming on! I once saw a woman in Kitakyushu who walked by me and was so thin she looked like a paper cut out doll. I'm totally serious. I have no idea how she had any internal organs. Really.)

OK, back to chocolate, which is one of my faaaaaaavoritttttttte topics. Oh yes.

E7 showed me an article online yesterday that said 70% of female office workers want Valentines Day to be laid to rest (50% of male office workers felt the same.) He was telling me that a lot of people don't like the idea of giri choco ("obligation chocolate") which is given to bosses and male co-workers.

This year, although we usually don't do anything, we are going to play Cupid. Yes, E7 (Mr. Anti-Social) and myself (Ms...well, whatever) are going out to dinner tonight to set up 2 of our friends. E7 made me swear not to tell anyone (read: anyone who is in city hall) but he didn't ban me from telling the internet. So, don't tell anyone, OK? You'll get me in trouble!

Final funny observation: Last night, while we were watching speedskating in the Olympics (and that freakin' half-pipe! If I never see another person on a snowboard flying through the air, it can't be soon enough), there was a small accident where one of the athletes went skidding across the ice and there was a delay in the next race, which was Kato (world record holder in the 500) and someone else.

E7 says to me: "If Kato is a strong athlete, this should have NO effect on his race." (Kato had a pretty bad time and came in 10th or something.)

E7, continuing his rant: "See? He's just not mentally strong enough. And I say this, while I sit on the couch doing nothing."

UPDATE!!!: Our Cupid work last night went...pretty well, I think. From where I was sitting, at least, I could see that the guy was pretty interested. My friend? I'll have to get the lowdown later today...

7 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Mande's J-Life said...

Oh my god! I am playing cupid as well! Tomorrow night, I am taking my Australian classmate from my Japanese class out for dinner and drinks with one of my single girl friends. She is also bringing along one of our other friends, so he'll have a choice, I suppose. I can't wait! You have to let us (on the internet) know how the date goes.

As for chocolate, I don't give it, but I do expect to get it. I usually don't give him chocolate, but I do give him a gift. This year, I am taking an old guitar he got from his dad for Christmas, and I am having new strings put on it, buying a case for it and getting him a starter book, so he can teach himself how to play.

Belinda said...

Chris, how weird that the guys get the choc! Am glad you're secretly buying it for yourself ;-) Hee!

I didn't see any of the winter olympics (being from a hot country it's not a huge thing here really) last night but i did hear that there is major controversy over one of the luge tracks that apparently they deem too dangerous and several ppl have been taken to hospital already.


Megs said...

haha you guys are crazy. i want valentines day to be put to an end also....stupid holiday- andy and i dont celebrate it either (i mean first off we are 300miles a part and two well its just stupid ill take a hersheys bar and some milk and you can keep this girl happy)

Happy Lovers Day!!

Helen said...

I heard someone say that Kato (and Michael Ireland who skated against him) had to do up their skates R-E-A-L-L-Y tightly, so after 15 minutes or so their feet become numb. Because they didn't know how long it would take for the ice to be re-groomed they had to leave their skates on!

In the first round they tied for 11th place, but Kato ended up 6th....just if anyone wanted to know!

Cari said...

Can't wait to hear how playing Cupid went, as for Valentine's Day, count mei n the 70% though I ignored it altogether o:)

Expat Traveler said...

I got flowers last thursday and since not really anyone else got them on that day, I felt even more special. It seems that if you don't give on VDay you are just left out. I'm doing laundry isn't that enough?

Mande's J-Life said...

Half-pipe was only slightly better than "curling." I'm sorry, but I didn't realize that was a sport. And, how would a person get interested in it?

I am really really disappointed this year. Partly, it's the time difference between Italy and Japan. Part of it is our lack of BS, so we don't get good coverage of the events. And part of it is my extreme LACK OF INTEREST in sports like curling. Sorry to any of your "curlers" out there.


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