Thursday, January 5, 2006

Runway model

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 1/05/2006
Here I am posing in my office, wearing an Ann Taylor Loft skirt. I picked this up when I was in NY and the woman in the fitting room next to me was complaining about the awful clothes that were in the store. No! Not Ann Taylor Loft! They have great clothes! is what I wanted to say but I held my tongue...cause I'm very good at that. Just ask my bosses.

I only had 2 hours to shop in the span of 10 days while I was away, because E7 was with me and as you well know, he doesn't suffer shopping too well (refer to #48 in 100 things). But that's OK...I did speed shopping, which is kind of like speed dating, but easier since if you have to reject a piece of clothing, they don't mind.

4 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Midori said...

What a lovely skirt!! I think one of the reasons I need to find a job is so I can wear some of the lovely clothes I have in my closet that are wasted because I just have no reason to dress up these days!!

Cari said...

Speed shopping, I love it! Cute skirt, I miss AT Loft. Santa brought me clothes from Macy's though and that made for a very happy Cari :)

Narelle said...

Great skirt Chris !!! I love the idea of speed shopping but then again I do like browsing the shops and pondering over my purchases with a coffee or 3. Perhaps I need to do a bit of both all of the time to make sure that I have a proper mix in life :)


medea said...

That's such a Japanese office floor!

I really like that skirt! Never hears of Ann Taylor Loft, but I'd like a branch in Fukuoka, please!


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