Monday, November 7, 2005

Sometimes it's like living in wonderland

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 11/07/2005
Yesterday, E7 and I went to a supermarket in the basement of Izutsuya, one of the upscale department stores in KQ, to pick up random bits and pieces for dinner. And, no, this is not the supermarket that we regularly go to...we are not in the habit of shopping for designer dinners!

E7 was looking around at all the shiny fruits and veggies, which, I have to admit, really did look nicer than the fruits and veggies at the regular supermarket. Must be the lighting.

While he was paying, I was wandering about aimlessly (my usual way of shopping), when my eye caught sight of a price tag that I thought contained a misprint.

Japan is a country where $80 melons are normal. These are used as gifts and greatly appreciated by the recepient, since they know exactly how much was spent. If I, on the other hand, received a melon as a gift, I would wonder what the hell was going on, especially since I don't even like melons.

After rubbing my eyes for a few seconds, I literally ran over to E7 to tell him about my discovery. I took his arm and pulled him over to the shelf where I had seen... ...A $10 apple. One.Apple.For.10 Dollars.

Me: Look at that!?! Who would buy a $10 apple?
E7: Ummm, ah so (Loose translation: Yeah, and?)
Me: But someone must be buying them if they are stocked here. 10 dollars. TEN DOLLARS!?!
E7 (walking away): Want to get some bread?

Clearly, I was the only one who was fazed by this.

Can you imagine?!? It better taste like a million dollars, that's all I have to say.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the "ika sumi" bread I came across in the bakery. Ika sumi is squid ink and is popular in spaghetti (not with me however). The bread we saw in the bakery was as black as a night without the moon or stars. It looked like they had set the bread on fire, burned it to a crisp, and were selling it as "squid ink bread". Doesn't that just sound scrumptious???

3 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

medea said...

Sorry, is scrumptious now one of those words like phat or bad that really means the opposite?

illahee said...

LOL @ the ten dollar apple. last night on NHK i saw an apple that had sold for 65,000 yen because they had put stickers on it when it was still yellow and when it ripened, it had pictures of the chinese zodiac (animals) on it...japan is weird!

kuri & ping said...

"Sorry, is scrumptious now one of those words like phat or bad that really means the opposite?"

LOL...I was being sarcastic. :) These pieces of bread looked like logs that had been incinerated. Yuck. :)


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