Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 11/29/2005
I do love the Christmas holidays. I used to want it to be Christmas all the time. But then again, if it was Christmas all year round, I guess it wouldn't be as special as it is.

One thing I've always enjoyed is the different shows that are on. One of my absolute favorite shows is "A Charlie Brown Christmas". But what I love about that show is the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Such a sad little tree and not at all like the trees you usually see on television.

My family in New York has always gotten a sort of Charlie Brown tree...one of the last ones left in the lots. Our tradition is to go pick out a tree right at about closing time on Christmas Eve. It is usually me, my dad, Kenny, and Megs. While we go around searching the leftover trees for a good one, my dad chats with the owner.

Picking out a tree is a difficult business. First, I like trees that are short and wide...kind of a like a Christmas bush, not a tree. I think this goes back to my early childhood, when those were the kind of trees we used to get. My youngest sister likes the tall, thin trees that look like they would belong in a museum. But whatever tree we end up picking out, there is still a kind of "Charlie Brown" feeling to it...it was one of the left-over trees that no one wanted. But we did!

The lot where we buy our trees has a lovely policy. The trees that aren't sold before closing time on Christmas Eve are left there to be taken by anyone who wants a tree and can't afford to pay for it.

That's the spirit of Christmas.

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