Thursday, November 24, 2005

Getting into the holiday spirit, or "Ho, ho, ho!"

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 11/24/2005

Yesterday, I was wandering around the apartment, grousing about the fact that it didn't feel like it was getting closer to Christmas.

So E7 decided to take matters into his own hands and took me out.

We went Christmas shopping. Now to many of you, this might seem like no big feat. But we are talking about E7 here...E7 who hates to shop (see #48 in "100 things") and will do anything, short of voluntarily putting himself into the hospital, to get out of going.

So it is a testament to the fact that he wanted to give me a little holiday cheer. First we went to Isetan to find him a gift. He actually took an interest in what he was going to get this year, instead of having me hound him until I was blue in the face. So we picked up a beautiful coat at "The Suit Company" and he is already wearing it. He's like a kid in that he immediately wants to use his gifts and not wait until the actual holiday.

That's good for me though! I feel like I actually did something on my Christmas shopping list.

After we went shopping--with periodic detours to floors that had mirrors because I had just gotten my hair colored and I wanted to stress to E7 that I.Have.No.Grey.Hairs.In.My.Head(!)--we went to Mojiko, where we wandered around and took an open boat ride on the Kanmon Strait. It was freezing, but we had stolen all the lap blankets from the boat and were quite comfortable. I don't know about the other people on board though. You snooze, you lose!...that's my motto. :)

E7 did a good job of getting me into the spirit. We'll be putting up our "tree" this weekend!

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