Friday, November 4, 2005

Eating my words

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 11/04/2005
OK, I have to admit it.!

I couldn't believe it. They were amazing, even without Freddie Mercury (although if he were there, it would have been TRULY amazing).

We had pretty good seats near the stage. I asked E7 why we had seats because as far as I remembered from my concert going days when I was younger, people were usually standing and dancing, not sitting in fold-up chairs. Or is it called "moshing"? I don't really know since rock was not my style in the 80s. Then again, I've only been to about 4 concerts in my entire life--Bon Jovi when they first came out and Billy Joel...3 times, so I guess my experiences may not count for very much.

Watching the people at the concert was almost as interesting as the concert itself. I've never seen people get into a concert so much in Japan before. The last time Catherine and I went to Billy Joel in Fukuoka, people were just sitting quietly, until he played Beatle songs. Kind of weird, but I just figured that's they way it worked.

After being told that we couldn't :
a. Take pictures
b. Use cell phones
c. Eat
d. Drink
e. Move away from our chairs
f. Breathe without asking permission

I was a little apprehensive about the reception that QUEEN was going to get from the fans here. I shouldn't have worried. The crowd was mostly people in their 40s, and (how happy was I) I was one of the youngest people there. Excellent.

From the minute QUEEN came out, people were yelling their names and dancing at their seats (because of course, no one dared to break the rules that were laid out by the staff). E7 was in his element. He was dancing, and as anyone who attended Stephanie and David's wedding can attest, he was dancing his heart out.

QUEEN apparently had a big following in Japan when they were around in the 70s and 80s, and both Freddie Mercury and Brian May, the guitarist, had a soft spot for Japan and the fans here because they treated QUEEN like "stars before they were stars".

The Japanese fans were doing all these complicated hand movements during the songs, which I didn't even try to copy. I'm sure I would just have been out of coordination and would have had to apologize for my terrible behavior. E7 sang the entire night away and I surprised myself by singing to quite a few of the songs myself. I guess listening to E7 play QUEEN every night helped the lyrics enter into my head by osmosis.

We got to see the last show of their tour in Japan, which is always good. They tend to play longer and we were certainly treated to a great show that lasted 3 hours.

Those three hours were exhausting for us, and probably most of the audience as well. With the loud music and standing on our feet for the entire time, it's no wonder that it's teenagers who go to rock concerts!

I am going to have to eat my words and take back my sarcastic remarks about going to see QUEEN. It was a fun night out for a couple of old fogies!

1 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Anonymous said...

I am GREEN with envy! I haven't seen any kind of rock concert in the last 8 years, and I miss them. I have begun to appreciate Queen a lot more these days, so I'm glad to hear that it was a good show.



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