Friday, October 21, 2005


Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 10/21/2005
Living room of apartment, E7 sprawled out all over the floor with his newspapers (that give me a headache to look at with all the tiny Japanese characters running amok all over the page), Me lying prone on the couch, chatting on the phone to my sister in MI.

Karen and I talk 2x a week...about nothing. Her husband can't understand this concept of how we sit on the phone for an hour and chat about, well, nothing.

So, there we were (talking about nothing), when I see an IM pop up on the computer because I had forgotten to sign off of AIM. I step over E7 who is lying on the floor, and see that my youngest sister, Meg, in PA, and Karen's husband in MI are both popping in to say hello.

This is the last I saw of reality.

Me: Hey Ka, Ed is on AIM right now. Ooh, and so is Meg!

K: Oh, can you ask Ed if he paid the registration on the car? (Note: Karen and Ed are in the same city...he was at his office)

Me: (Typing out the above to Ed), got it.

K: Ask Meg if she is bringing the dog out to MI with her when she visits.

Me: (Typing out the above to Meg) She said that she'll call you later about it.

Me: Hey Ka? Ed just wrote back and is completely confused. He wants to know why he is talking to you via Japan, when you are 5 minutes away from each other.

K: Did he pay the registration?

Me: Yes.

K, completely disregarding his confusion: OK, then that's fine.

Me, talking out loud while signing off: Meg, Karen and I are going to go. We have to go talk about you, like we always do and I can't concentrate when I'm IM'ing you.

And, Karen didn't think this was strange at all...I guess she is more technologically advanced than the rest of us mortals.

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Mom said...

I love it!


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