Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A trip back in time

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 9/27/2005
E7 and I had a lovely weekend away in Kuju at a place called Albergo Bosco (their website update will be done by October 7th). What a BEAUTIFUL place. I've forgotten what it's like to actually hear the crickets at night...especially when all I do hear in my apartment is the monorail going by my window or the bosozoku--losers who ride on their motorcycles at 3 or 4 in the morning and rev their engines to wake everyone up.

The only thing I didn't understand about Albergo Bosco was that they had no double beds. They had two twin beds (very small, thin matresses) but they cater to couples. So of course, this opened up a whole new discussion for E7 and I.

Me: Why do all the hotels only have twin beds? Does no one sleep together when they go away?

E7: Actually, I think that no one sleeps together in the same bed at home. Some of my friends sleep in different rooms than their wives.

Me: What? They sleep in separate rooms? Well, no wonder the birthrate is so low *snicker, snicker*

Poor E7 who drove for 5 hours on the way back because we decided to travel by binbo ryokou, which is essentially, "poor travel", where we don't use the highways because, hey, it's highway robbery (that one was for you Dad, the pun meister).

I think that the hotels should have 2 double beds in the room...that way people can choose to sleep alone if they want and those of us who like squashing our significant others, can choose to do so in a wider bed.

Pictures coming soon!

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