Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"No Terror!"

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 9/27/2005
OK, I'm going to have to go into this little sign I saw today a little more tomorrow.

For now...

Update: I saw this sign posted in the monorail stations in Kitakyushu. Obviously you can get the gist of the contents but before translating exactly what it says, I have to say one thing...this is Kitakyushu. This is not Tokyo or New York or London...I don't know exactly why they think that these "signs" will deter anything happening here (which it won't because this is KITAKYUSHU, as I've said before). Everyone just jumping on the bandwagon because "terrorism" is today's hot topic. Right.

OK, now for the translation. This is what got me and the reason why I took the picture.

Let's prevent international terrorism/illegal immigration. Illegal immigration can threaten to become a hotbed that conceals terrorists.

No terror (Obviously you know this one because it's the one thing written in English).

Major points to prevent terrorism: No entry of terrorists into the country, No creation of terrorist bases, No allowing terrorist acts to be conducted.

If you think something is suspicious, contact the police immediately.

How's that for xenophobia? What would be suspicious, I wonder?

BTW, as with any country, Japan has it's own brand of domestic terrorism (Read: Aum Shinrikyo, a "religious" group which carried out the sarin attacks on the Tokyo subways in 1995).

It drives me batty sometimes.

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