Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Updated To Do List (8/17)

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 8/17/2005
OK, what still lingers on my "to do" list?

1. Buy birthday presents
2. Get hair treatment
3. Buy shoes (has to be done today or it's not getting done)
4. Pack (Do you think I can talk E7 into doing this for me?)

I'm also including those items that have already been done by other people, because doesn't it make you feel good to cross things off lists? Kind of gives a feeling of accomplishment (even if you yourself didn't actually do any of it). I have tons of these little lists on post-it notes at work. Periodically, I will make up lists that are composed entirely of jobs that I have already done so I can cross things off.

Yes, I am that pathetic.

Items DONE on the "to do" list:

1. Make rental car reservations (Thanks Mom!)
2. Buy wedding presents (Thanks Ka!)
3. Get hair cut (Thanks hairdresser whose name I can never remember!)
4. Change money (And, this time I didn't even ask E7 to go to the bank for me!)
5. Make hair and makeup appointment for wedding (Thanks Stephanie!)
6. Make mani/pedi appointment for wedding (Thanks Mom!)
7. Pick up plane tickets

It's a good thing everyone has been working so hard to get me on the plane! Tee-hee

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