Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Let me just transfer your call..."

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 8/17/2005
I applied for a position at the U.S. Consulate in March of this year. The position was for a telephone operator/receptionist who: "handles all incoming calls...He/she answers consular inquires over the phone and forwards calls to the appropriate employee...the employee screens visitors to find out what they need or whom they wish to meet before contacting the appropriate office...and distributes consular forms and responds to procedural questions...provides backup assistance..."

I was (am?) desperate to get out of my current job so I immediately went about writing from scratch revising my resume.

I pretty much satisfied the requirements for applying for the job: completion of secondary school, prior work experience in English-speaking organization, computer knowledge, telephone skills and dealing with difficult or angry customers. However, where I was not qualified was in language skills. The applicant was to be fluent in speaking/writing/reading English (OK...) AND Japanese (Hmmm...).

So as I was putting together my resume, I realized that the human resources office was going to glance at the resume and then put it in a place where it would gather dust and never again see the light of day.

Now for your viewing pleasure, you will also be treated to a glimpse of what I do.

Project Officer (2004-present), Division Chief (2000-2004)

Management of intercity environmental program

  • Liaison between parties in developing program (includes large very well known international body)
  • Develop and implement activities to improve environmental management capacity of local governments in Asia and the Pacific. Includes support in implementing demonstration projects, organization of training seminars and regional meetings, development of study tour programs on urban environmental management for local governments
  • Identify potential urban environmental demonstration projects in Asia and the Pacific for funding from very well known international body and provide assistance to local government applicants in developing project proposals for submission
  • Organize training seminars and conferences. Includes logistical planning, development of concept and programs, conduct of presentations, development of final reports and publications, interpretation and translation
  • Conduct public relations activities, including coordination with other intercity and environmental programs, development of pamphlets, newsletters, posters, and media kits
  • Design and execute surveys of local governments to obtain information for research on urban environmental issues and for further development of the program
  • Collaborate in development of distance learning module on solid waste management for use by local governments
  • Design, develop and maintain program website
  • Maintain contact database for local and national governments, international agencies and organizations involved in program

General duties

  • Administrative duties
  • Development and editing of research and secretarial reports
  • Language support (English-Japanese and Japanese-English translation and interpretation)
  • Contents design of website (2001-2004)

The kicker? The telephone operator/receptionist job pays more than what I get now.

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