Friday, July 8, 2005

What's becoming of us?

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 7/08/2005
Photos from Wolfburg, Germany (September 11, 2001)

To say that I was shocked by what happened yesterday is an understatement. To go from being thrilled for London on their successful 2012 Olympic bid to seeing the carnage on the news is like a nightmare.

Appalling, disgusting, unbelievable...these are all the words that are uttered by people everywhere when we heard this news. But it is not the words that are important.

The world stood with New York and Washington 4 years ago and now the world stands with the people of London in this time. Just a small light of support from a small blog in the grand universe.

1 of you feeling verklempt. Tawlk amongst yourselves:

Mom said...

We can't let ourselves be stopped by fear. Just as it is in Haiti, the medical team from Presentation Church is considering not going on the medical mission in Sept. because things are apparently becoming more dangerous. So what do we do.....give in & stop?


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